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by Enya Quinn May 14, 2021

Here at Gear Jewellers, we are always on the hunt for beautiful diamonds and we’ve added not one, but two stunning yellow diamond engagement rings to our latest collection, just in time for Summer! Not exactly sure what yellow diamonds are? Well read on to find out..


What Are Fancy Yellow Diamonds?

Did you know that diamonds of all colours can be found in nature? These include orange, blue, green, pink, yellow, brown, black and the extremely rare red. Fancy Colour Diamonds are extremely rare compared to the colourless or near-colourless (D to Z grade) diamonds we know and love and are graded on their colour intensity and distribution, rather than their lack of colour. When examining a yellow diamond, those with more colour than Z on the GIA colour grading scale enter into the Fancy Colour Diamond realm.


The yellow in a diamond is caused by the presence of nitrogen. The colour of a diamond doesn’t affect the hardness or the integrity of a diamond, meaning you can wear them with confidence!


Meet Primrose and Saffron..


Primrose Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

When naming this stunning yellow diamond engagement ring, we were reminded of the pretty yellow primrose flower. The centre diamond is a radiant cut yellow diamond with a colour grade of Fancy Light Yellow by renowned gem grading laboratory IGI, and a high clarity grade of VS2. It’s complimented by a scalloped, milgrain finished halo of colourless diamonds, emulating a flower, just like a primrose. We also added diamonds to the shoulders in a beautiful castille setting. The mount is platinum with an 18ct yellow gold 4-claw setting for the centre diamond. An absolutely beautiful diamond engagement ring that will bring a smile to any face and is perfect for a Summer engagement!


PRIMROSE Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring   PRIMROSE Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring


Saffron Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

The classic cushion cut is a popular choice right now so when we laid our eyes on this oh-so beautiful cushion cut fancy yellow diamond, we just knew it was special! With an incredible colour grade of Fancy Yellow by IGI and a VS1 clarity grade, you will absolutely fall head over heels for this beautiful diamond engagement ring, just like we have! The strong platinum mount is topped with a 4-claw, 18ct yellow gold setting that compliments the yellow centre diamond beautifully and finished with an array of round brilliant diamonds in the halo and shoulders for an immense sparkle! Just gorgeous!


SAFFRON Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring  SAFFRON Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring


If you would like to know more about Fancy Colour Diamonds, Diamond Engagement Rings or have any queries at all then please Get in Touch. A member of our team will be happy to help you find the perfect engagement ring that she will absolutely adore forever!

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