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Different Types of Diamond Cuts

Most popular dIAMOND CUTS

October 6th,2020
Pictures of different diamond cuts


Picture of a round cut diamond | Gear Jewellers

The Round cut diamond, also known as Brilliant cut diamond is the classic shape and even the most popular diamond shape accounting for over 75% of diamonds sold worldwide. With 58 facets, the round shape manages to produce relatively more sparkle than most other diamond shapes and creates a stunning display. The round cut diamond has all the magnificence and brilliance everyone wants when buying an engagement ring.


The Princess Cut Diamond combines the brilliance of a round cut diamond with a square appearance. Along with Radiant Cut, the princess cut comes reasonably close to exhibiting the dramatic fire effect and brilliance of a round cut diamond while being cheaper per carat. A diamond with a princess cut generally has 78 facets for a unique shape, greater sparkle, and relative price value. Being a relatively new shape, the princess cut also offers the versatility to work with any style of engagement ring. 

Picture of a princess cut diamond | Gear Jewellers


Picture of an oval cut diamond | Gear Jewellers

Very similar to a round cut diamond, The Oval shaped diamond presents a larger surface area than a round cut diamond of the same carat weight, giving the illusion of a larger stone. First created by Lazare Kaplan in the 1960s, the Oval cut has quickly become a preferred choice for engagement rings. An Oval Cut Diamond is predominantly used as a centrepiece combined with smaller stones on the sides. Rings made with Oval Cut diamonds create the illusion of lengthening the hand due to the elongated shape of the stone.

Check out our Rook Diamond Engagement Engagement Ringwhich has a timeless design with a colourless Oval cut diamond with sparkling diamonds in a Castille setting on the side. 


Emerald cut diamonds have a rectangular shape with tapered corners which give them a very distinct and sophisticated look. Emerald cut diamonds have longer lines and are usually less fiery than a round cut, but also look larger as they generally have 5% larger surface area as compared to brilliant-cut diamonds. This design is timelessly classic and is preferred by those who are looking for a subtle elegance in their engagement ring.

Our Holocene Diamond Engagement Ring features a stunning centre Emerald cut diamond complemented by a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds.

Picture of an emerald cut diamond | Gear Jewellers


Picture of a radiant cut diamond | Gear Jewellers

The Radiant cut exemplifies the elegance of the emerald cut along with the sparkling brilliance of the brilliant round cut. With 70 facets and cut corners, Radiant cut diamonds can disperse more light while hiding the flaws better than other shapes. Radiant cut diamonds are a popular choice for solitaire ring arrangements as well as a preferred choice for many coloured diamonds. 

The Gear Jewellers Athena Engagement Ring radiates an old-school glamourous vibe featuring a beautiful, radiant cut diamond set in a Pave setting.


The Pear Cut Diamond incorporates the attributes of Round Cut diamond and, a Marquise Cut to form a stunning Diamond shape which gives off the flattering illusion of slimmer fingers and hands while maintaining a dainty and elegant look. Pear Cut diamonds instantly recognisable and much adored amongst Diamond lovers.

Our Devonian Engagement Ring flaunts a pear cut diamond surrounded by a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds with scalloped edged band.

Picture of a pear cut diamond | Gear Jewellers


Picture of an asscher cut diamond | Gear Jewellers

Asscher cut diamonds have a similar look to an emerald cut. What sets the Asscher Cut apart from the regal emerald is square shape as opposed to rectangular. Diamonds with this particular cut produce a brilliance unmatched by any other diamond shape. Asscher Cut Diamonds give off the impression of an endless hallway due to the high crown on top and large step facets. 

Captivating yet Vintage is the best way to describe the Jill Engagement Ring. A centrepiece Asscher Cut Diamond coupled with diamonds on each side in a tapered baguette setting on the shoulders 


Commonly referred to as the pillow cut diamond, The cushion cut diamond has a rounded corners and larger facets to create a sparkling brilliance. This Diamond shape has been admired for more than a century as it has very antique look and many romantic connotations. With 58 facets dispersing light, this diamond cut never fails to create brilliance.

Presenting the Bijou Diamond Engagement Ring boasting a 1.17ct centre Cushion Cut diamond surrounded by a halo of Diamonds completed with diamond embellished shoulders in a castille setting

Picture of a cushion cut diamond | Gear Jewellers

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