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by Enya Quinn May 21, 2021

The ever enchanting gemstone, Ruby is known for its incredibly beautiful red colour and has been highly valued as a precious gemstone throughout history, even being a favourite of royalty for centuries. Second to diamond in terms of hardness and as it’s a very tough gemstone, Ruby is perfect for all types of jewellery settings, especially engagement rings. Read on to find our more about this alluring gemstone..


RYDER Ruby Engagement Ring | Gear Jewellers RYDER Ruby Engagement Ring | Gear Jewellers

RYDER Ruby Engagement Ring€1,300.00


What is Ruby & where does it come from?

Ruby is part of the Corundum family, along with sapphire and gets its striking colour from traces of chromium and iron. Colour shades can range from bright red and pinkish red to dark and brownish red. Ruby gets its name from the Latin word for red which is ruber.


The finest, high quality Rubies come from the Mogok area of Burma. Rubies with a more brownish tone are found in Thailand. Afghanistan, Pakistan and Vietnam produce bright red Rubies. Dark red, sometimes opaque Rubies come from the USA, Russia, Australia, Norway and India.

 SCARLET Ruby Engagement Ring | Gear Jewellers SCARLET Ruby Engagement Ring | Gear Jewellers

SCARLET Ruby Engagement Ring - €1,099.00


Inclusions are common among Rubies and don’t usually affect the gemstones value. They actually help with separating natural gemstones from synthetic ones.


Ruby is the traditional birthstone for July because it was believed to represent the hottest month of the year due to its fiery colour. Ruby is also the traditional gift for a 40th Wedding Anniversary and is gifted on a 40th birthday too!


ROSA Ruby Engagement Ring | Gear Jewellers ROSA Ruby Engagement Ring | Gear Jewellers

ROSA Ruby Engagement Ring - €1,999.00


Myths & Legends

Through the centuries many believed that Ruby had the power to encourage good health and a long life and it was thought to ward off misfortune too, something I can definitely get on board with!


It’s also believed that Ruby stimulates the heart chakra, helping to refuel your passion for life and remove destructive and negative thoughts. So not only are Rubies a beautiful precious gemstone, but according to these legends, they may be good for your health too!


REGAN Ruby Engagement Ring | Gear Jewellers REGAN Ruby Engagement Ring | Gear Jewellers

REGAN Ruby Engagement Ring - €899.00


Caring For Your Rubies..

Rubies are tough and durable but they still need to be taken good care of, just like all gemstones. Your ruby jewellery can be professionally cleaned in an ultrasonic machine. Make sure you visit us at least once a year to have your Ruby engagement ring cleaned and checked, but if you wish to clean  it at home then it’s fine to use a mixture of warm water and a mild dish soap. Use a soft toothbrush to scrub underneath the setting. Rinse, dry and your ring is dazzling again!

  WREN Ruby Engagement Ring | Gear Jewellers WREN Ruby Engagement Ring | Gear Jewellers

WREN Ruby Engagement Ring - €1,999.00


If you want to discover more about our Ruby Engagement Rings, or Ruby Jewellery, book an appointment with a member of our team. We are here to guide you through the world of diamonds and gemstones.


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