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Hearing so many different ways to describe earrings can be confusing. Get to know some popular designs from your huggie earrings to your studs and ear crawlers with this handy guide to earring styles!

Hoop Earrings

Hoops is the general term given to any earring that resembles a circular hoop, but let’s break this down a little further;

  • Huggies - A huggie earring is simply a hoop that wraps around and hugs the ear lobe. They’re usually small in size and have a clasp that clips under the back of the loop for a seamless finish.


Gold Huggie Earrings 

Petite Huggie Earrings - €98

Wide Huggie Gold Earrings

Diamond Cut Wide Huggie Earrings - €140

  • Sleepers - Sleeper earrings are originally a lightweight, thin hoop that are comfortable enough to sleep in, hence the name! However, sleeper hoops have evolved and their sleek design is now available in much larger styles.


Gold Hoop Earrings

Plain Sleeper Hoops 22mm - €80


Large Gold Hoop Earrings

Large Plain Sleeper Hoops 70mm - €350

  • Classic Hoop - The classic hoop generally consists of a hoop of any size and width and a hinged clasp. They can come in an array of designs from plain, to twist hoops, patterned, like diamond cut hoops or even with some bling!


Channel Gold Hoops

Channel Hoop Earrings - €230

Diamond Cut Gold Hoop Earrings

Diamond Cut Hoops 32mm - €170

Twisted Hoop Earrings 

Twist Hoops 47mm - €240

Stud Earrings

Studs or stud earrings is the most commonly used term and the most basic earring style. They usually have a cute design at the front of a stem that sits against your earlobe. The stem feeds through the ear and is fastened at the back to give the illusion that the earring is floating. 

Infinite Sparkle Gold Earrings

Infinite Sparkle Earrings - €75 

Star Shaped Gold Earrings

Luminous Star Earrings - €85

Crawlers or Climbers

The newest member to the earring family, crawler or climber earrings as they are also known as, are designed to curve along and climb up the ear. They come in so many different designs and look so pretty on the ear! They work so well if you have a second or third piercing too!

Stardust Crawler Gold Earrings

Stardust Crawlers - €99


Butterfly-Garden Crawlers - €99

Drop Earrings

Similar to the stud earring except these drop below the ear. Drop earrings come in a variety of lengths and widths and can have movement and dangle or they can be more solid. They’re a flattering design and are beautiful for special occasions.


Pear Drop Diamond Earrings


Cartilage Earrings

These gorgeous earrings are made specially for different parts of the ear including the Tragus, Upper Lobe and Helix. CLICK HERE to read my blog on everything you need to know about cartilage piercings. They’re sold as single studs rather than pairs and come in many cute designs. 

White Gold Super nova Piercing

Super Nova Piercing - €45

Gold Cactus Piercing

Cactus Piercing - €50