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How Many Rings Should a Man Wear? The Guide to Ring Styling

by Omotayo Ogundipe July 22, 2022

Whether you prefer a classic men’s signet ring or like to style it out like a rockstar with a pinky ring. There’s a man’s ring for everyone, and it’s a look that’s here to stay. 

But many of the most stylish men might wonder how to accessorise their rings and, crucially, how many rings should a man wear? As one of Dublin’s finest jewellers, we can confidently help you make the right ring choice and style. Find out our simple tips and check out some of our helpful tips for inspiration.

The right rings will elevate your style.

Although wearing men’s jewellery, including rings, can give you points in the style stakes, it’s essential to know how to accessorise like a pro. 

For example, you might be deciding how many rings you should wear to match a silver tie pin. Are two too many? Or a pair of smart silver oval cufflinks for a wedding you’re attending. Can you wear multiple rings while wearing jewellery on your cuffs?

Or you could be wondering how to compliment a stunning white gold men’s wedding ring with other ring styles and even if stacking rings is something you can do. 

Whichever way, wearing the right amount of rings to complement your personal look gives you the edge in the style stakes. It’s a question of personal choice, and there is no right or wrong answer.

Rings indicated wealth  

Historically men’s rings indicated their power and status. So ring wearers were often those with substantial wealth. Back in the days of Vikings and other warriors, a quality man’s ring left those around him in no doubt they were leaders of the pack. 

Our stylish ancestors knew a thing or two about wearing multiple rings and had no qualms about filling their entire hands with gem-encrusted rings which told the story of their success.

However, it’s not surprising to discover that men’s rings have developed into cleaner lines and simpler, more contemporary designs in recent years. From a classic two-tone wedding ring through to a simple silver band.

Viking Rings
Image ​​from viking warrior shirts

Wear multiple wedding ring styles

Why not wear multiple wedding ring styles to layer up your look? They don’t need to be saved for your big day. Many of today's quality men’s wedding ring styles are simple enough to coordinate in a range of metals to complement each other or match like for like. 

Maybe combine a different style in a smaller size for your pinky finger on the opposite hand to your wedding ring. Or wear two similar metals to your wedding ring and choose a larger size to make a statement on your index finger. 

If your wedding ring is a simpler design, there’s a wealth of engraved styles to choose from that can add a little edge to your look. Although thumb rings can be a little like marmite, if it's your style, then why not get a broader wedding ring in white gold and choose a larger size to fit. 

“Why not wear multiple wedding ring styles to layer up your look? They don’t need to be saved for your big day”

How Many Rings Should a Man Wear? One ring or more? 

So having 10 fingers might mean you could wear a ring on every finger? Although that’s possible, our expert jewellers recommend that 3 rings on either hand may be a limit. 

Less is often more, but feel free to wear more if it fits your overall look. Rules are made to be broken. So whatever works with your personal style is the way to go. 

However, for men or women, multiple ring wearing is a little of an art form. It does require balance not only on each hand but also between each hand.

Balance the look across your hands 

Balance is just a case of wearing multiple rings in a way that looks even and easy on the eye. Although the look doesn’t have to be symmetrical, a good look for multiple ring wearers is to have one hand slightly heavier ring-wise than the other.

If you are simply going for a two-ring look, then maybe your wedding band and a ring on the same finger of your opposite hand gives a balanced look. If you wear a watch, on one hand, it can give a two-ring wearer that slightly heavier look on one side, which can be more visually appealing.

If you aren’t sure about the correct grouping of rings, you could try using a mirror to help you get the balance right. It’s equally important to get the balance right regarding the size of the rings too.

Larger rings work best on larger hands and vice versa.  Although one statement oversized broader ring can help you to get the balance right between each hand.

Man wearing silver rings on both hands

“maybe your wedding band and a ring on the same finger of your opposite hand give a balanced look.”

How do men wear multiple rings?  

So if ring wearing is new to you, it might be an idea to simply opt for a single ring or two at most. This way, you’ll build confidence in how to add more once you have become accustomed to wearing a fewer number. 

Concentrate initially on the one hand and don’t wear two rings on fingers next to each other. For instance, for those men who haven’t got a wedding ring, you might like to start with a ring on the third finger of your right hand. (or whichever is the opposite hand to your own personal cultural wedding hand). This gives you some ‘practice’ at having a ring on all day, and it can help you to decide where you want to add rings as you progress. 

How many rings should a man wear? If you are starting out with, for example, two rings and a watch, a good rule of thumb is to match the metals. So if your watch buckle is silver, then silver for your beginner multiple ring collection would look balanced if they were also silver. But, remember, these are just ideas, and nothing is set in stone.

Can a man mix metals on rings?

So as in any style rule book, as we’ve said earlier, rules are made to be broken. So feel free to experiment with various metals to discover what works best for you. 

White gold compliments silver, but many two-tone styles of white and traditional yellow gold can pull the rest of your jewellery together cohesively. Keeping metals the same keeps an uncluttered clean look and might be the easiest way to start your multiple ring-wearing journeys.

“If you are starting out with, for example, two rings and a watch, a good rule of thumb is to match the metals.”

And to finish on…

So we hope that’s given you the definitive answer as to how many rings a man should wear. The reality is that there is no limit other than your imagination. Trying to get a balanced look to your hand jewellery can look a little more ‘put together and stylised.

With a range of classic plain band styles, we can offer you a wide choice of metals, including yellow gold, white gold and silver. So head over to our store to discover more.

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