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by Jeff Gear June 24, 2022

Eternity Rings by Gear Jewellers

Traditionally an eternity ring, sometimes known as an infinity ring is a symbol of eternal love. A popular time to give them to your loved one can be to celebrate a special anniversary, birthday or the birth of a couple's first child.


Whenever you choose to give your cherished partner the gift of the most beautiful eternity rings, their delicate continuing band of diamonds or gemstones represents the circle of life and a commitment to each other.


As one of Dublin’s foremost luxury jewellery stores, our experts are often asked how to wear an eternity ring. So join us in our article to find out the definitive answer!


Before we get into details, discover the mini answer.


It's a personal choice on how you decide to wear your eternity ring. Many couples choose to stack them with a wedding band first, followed by engagement and finally, the eternity ring. This can be on whichever hand fits with your customs and culture. Traditionally it’s worn on third finger, left hand.


Ok so now with the short answer covered, so you can understand a little more about how to wear an eternity ring, let’s start by finding out exactly what it is.

What is an eternity ring?


Most eternity rings available are usually either in gold or platinum with either half a ring full of precious gems displayed on the top of the finger or a full eternity option, which has a complete circle of either diamonds or other gemstones.

ELOISE Diamond Eternity Ring by Gear Jewellers
ELOISE Diamond Eternity Ring - €1,300.00​​

Diamond eternity rings


Diamonds are a popular choice for any couple who wants to show their love and devotion and are usually one of the most popular choices for this romantic ring gesture.


With not only their sheer beauty but for centuries diamonds have symbolized love, friendship and fidelity. As they are the most precious stone, it’s not surprising they are at the top of everyone’s list when choosing an engagement or eternity ring.


A mix of diamonds and gorgeous gemstones such as emerald or sapphire is also another option.

Choose a birthstone


Those who choose an eternity ring to celebrate the birth of their first precious child can choose the birthstone of their little one combined with diamonds or the birthstone of the parents, which truly adds to the sentimental value of an eternity ring.

Upgrade your wedding band


Often as the year's progress, many couples find they have a little more expendable income than in the days of their early marriage. For this reason, it can be a wonderful gesture of your enduring years

together to have either beautiful platinum, white or gold eternity ring to ‘upgrade’ your original wedding


Which finger should I wear an eternity ring on?


One of the most common questions, when couples are considering buying an eternity ring, is which is

the best finger to wear it on.

The real answer is, that is purely down to your own choice. However, the eternity ring evolved partly

from the symbolism of wearing wedding rings that it should be worn on the third finger of your left hand.



This is a popular choice for many western couples, although it’s worth knowing that many other cultures

wear their wedding rings on the left hand, such as in India and Russia. This extends to many European

countries too such as Germany, Spain and Norway also often display their wedding bands on the right

hand too.


So depending on your country of origin, you might like to wear your eternity ring on the same finger as your engagement ring and wedding band as it’s fairly traditional.


However, as with any type of tradition, they are made to be broken and with a more contemporary view of marriages in today's environment, it’s a question of each couple's personal preferences and taste.

Make sure if you are choosing an alternative finger to wear your eternity ring on that you make sure you get an exact measurement of finger size.


“depending on your country of origin, you might like to wear your eternity

ring on the same finger as your engagement ring and wedding band”

Size, shape and metal


For other considerations when deciding which finger to wear your eternity ring on, it might be worth

looking at the:


● Size

● Shape

● Metal


It could be that you might consider wearing it on a different finger if the widths clash. If for instance, you

feel your eternity ring may overpower your wedding ring or it could be that you have chosen different

metals for your eternity and wedding ring. In that case, you may decide to display it on a different finger.

Wearing all three on one finger can be a little heavy


Another reason some couples decide to not wear an eternity ring on the third finger of a left hand along with the wedding band and engagement ring is if all three together may be a little heavy to wear on one



Some couples choose to keep their engagement rings worn above the wedding band on their left or

right hand according to their own cultures but may wear the eternity ring on the third finger of the alternative hand.


For this reason may simply just wear their wedding ring and eternity ring alone, which is perfectly fine

and is down to each couple's preference.


If you do want to wear all three rings together, you might be wondering in what order each ring should be stacked. Find out more below.

In which order do you wear an eternity ring?


In general, one of the most popular ways to wear an eternity ring is above your engagement ring and wedding band.


Traditionally the order is wedding band first, engagement ring, followed by eternity ring. This is probably more to do with aesthetics as the engagement ring usually has a raised stone such as a diamond as its centrepiece, whereas the wedding ring and eternity ring have a flatter appearance. The engagement ring tends to look more pleasing when nested snugly between the two flatter rings.

Eternity Ring, Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring by Gear Jewellers

“one of the most popular ways to wear an eternity ring is above your engagement ring and wedding band.”

Wear your ring gem-side up.


If you have a full eternity ring, it goes without saying your gems will be on display whichever way you place the ring on your finger.


However, if you have a half eternity ring, make sure the gems or diamonds are displayed. A half eternity ring might be a good choice if you are looking for a lighter option as with fewer gemstones, the ring will be much lighter and less cumbersome to wear than a full eternity ring, especially if you want to stack it alongside your engagement ring and wedding band.


It’s worth also knowing that a half eternity ring is easier to resize if needs be in the future, given the fact one side is a simple plain band.


A little twirl of your eternity ring might be required from time to time if the gemstones slip underneath your finger, to show it in its full glory.

And to finish on…


Share your continued health, wealth and happiness for decades to come with an eternity ring.


Here at Gear Jewellers in our iconic Dublin store, our expert consultants can be on hand to offer you and your loved one the most exquisite and beautifully designed eternity rings.


Visit us in-store for a luxury shopping experience with our diamanté feature wall as a perfect backdrop to the diamond ring counter. Or why not book a personal appointment as our experienced sales team can take you through the different options to make sure you choose the perfect eternity ring.

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