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by Enya Quinn March 02, 2021

When admiring the captivating Aquamarine gemstone I’m reminded of clear water, the calming of the sea and beautiful blue skies because of it’s stunning blue to sometimes greenish-blue colours which is caused by iron. The name Aquamarine means “seawater” in Latin, quite a fitting name for the pretty gemstone I think! 

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What is Aquamarine and where does it come from?

Aquamarine is part of the Beryl family, just like emerald and morganite. It’s the birthstone for all you March babies and the gift for a 19th wedding anniversary. It’s found in the likes of Brazil, Russia, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe with many more deposits found throughout the world including Madagascar where a stunning dark blue variety is found.

The most valued colours of Aquamarine are sky blue and dark blue. It’s often eye-clean meaning natural inclusions within the gemstone are usually little to none, just like it’s morganite cousin. 

Myths and legends

Aquamarines have been cherished and adorned for centuries and are known to have been a mermaid's treasure! Sailors have worn aquamarine to protect them at sea, ward off seasickness, and calm the powerful ocean waves. Not only that, Aquamarine was said to bring happiness to a marriage and help with one's inner peace. Some even say Aquamarine has healing abilities, believing that it could cure problems with the throat, stomach, and liver!

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Caring for your Aquamarine

With a rating of 7.5 on the Moh’s scale of hardness, Aquamarine works well in jewellery but does need special care like all gemstones. Clean your Aquamarine with warm water mixed with a mild soap. Rinse and wipe dry and it’s beautiful again! Avoid any rough handling or knocks and keep your jewellery in a safe place when not being worn. 

Remember to pop into us in Dublin to avail of your free cleaning service at least once a year to keep your Aquamarine looking beautiful!

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