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Queen Engagement Ring with Wedding Ring

picking a wedding ring 

to match your engagement ring

By Enya Quinn

November 18th, 2020

Choosing your wedding ring is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. Every time you look at your hand and see your perfectly matched rings, you’ll remember your most special day. Here at Gear Jewellers we know wedding ring shopping can be a little daunting 

for some, so we’re here to help!

The trick to finding the perfect wedding ring is to have both rings compliment each other. Your engagement ring and wedding ring need to come together in sweet harmony. Ideally you want to match up the metals; yellow gold with yellow gold, platinum with platinum, 

as they will wear equally.

Try on as many rings as you wish, different shapes, styles and widths to get a feel of styles you like! You might have a style in mind but it may not work well with your engagement ring. At Gear Jewellers, we can guide you towards what ring works best for you and your style. If you need any assistance when choosing your wedding ring, just book an appointment & drop into our store to meet with our diamond advisors who will be happy to help you. 

Let's look at a few popular wedding ring options:

Straight Wedding Ring

Many modern engagement rings are made to allow for a wedding ring to sit neatly next to each other with no gap, also known as wed-fit engagement rings. If this is the case for you then a straight wedding band would look beautiful.

Almost all of our engagement rings have a matching wedding ring and the majority of them are wed-fit meaning your rings will sit flush next to each other with no gap.

If your engagement ring has a low or vintage setting, or a tapered band, then a straight wedding band will sit slightly away from your engagement ring, allowing for a little gap. Some women don’t mind this slight gap and many celebrities are seen sporting this look. At the end of the day it’s all down to personal preference.

Shaped Wedding Ring

Depending on your rings design, a shaped wedding ring can curve around your engagement ring or sit flush against it. This design tends to work well for larger, low set engagement rings and designs range from a small dip in the band to a completely contoured ring. At Gear Jewellers we have a huge selection of shaped wedding rings ready to try on!

Diamonds or Plain?

If your engagement ring has diamonds on the shoulders and you choose a diamond wedding ring  then it’s a good idea to mirror the two. This means adding a row of diamonds in the same diamond setting, the same shape and size diamonds and the same band width so they align perfectly!

The plain wedding ring is a timeless classic and a very practical option for some. If you prefer the classic wedding ring then consider the width and depth of the ring. Some women choose a wide ring to show the separation between the engagement ring and wedding ring. We can design your wedding ring in whatever width and metal you desire!

Extra Tips!**

Matching with your partner - Have a chat with your partner and see how you both feel about having matching wedding rings or not. Traditionally couples choose rings of similar aesthetic but this is no longer the case! Now couples choose rings that they love and are practical for their own lifestyle.

Get in early! - It’s not a good idea to leave getting your wedding rings till the last minute. A lot of work goes into making your wedding rings and some rings take longer to make than others, if they have many diamonds or are custom made for example. We recommend putting in your order at least 2 months before the wedding.

Suit your lifestyle! - If you’re someone who is heavy handed or works with your hands a lot then a delicate wedding ring may not be the best option for you. Your Diamond Sales Advisor can help guide you to your perfect ring that suits your lifestyle during your wedding ring consultation.

Remember! - This is simply a guide to finding your perfect wedding ring, but at the end of the day there are no strict rules. Wear whatever makes you happy!

got any questions?

Our Diamond Advisors are available 7 days of the week to help you find the perfect wedding ring for the big occasion. 

Just Book an appointment to meet with our team and get the best advice to make your purchase. Or you can Contact Us, we are always happy to help with your burning questions!


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