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Photo pendants

 an everlasting jewellery memory

-By Jeff Gear
October 14th, 2020

In olden times it was fashionable to wear a locket with a photograph of a loved one on a chain around your neck. This was a very special reminder of a person or even a pet. The process involved cutting your favourite photograph and inserting it behind a plastic sheet either one or both sides of a gold or silver locket.

With modern technology it is now possible to have a similar experience but that can be visible to all of your friends. The new way to remember your loved one is to have the image digitally reproduced on a photo pendant on a gold or silver disc.

Many people refer to these photo pendants as laser discs or holograms but actually, they are not made with a laser beam. The method of producing them is actually the tip of a diamond which is hammered into the metal at different strengths. It uses the system of 256 different grades from 0 (black) to 256 (white) and all the greys in between.

We are often asked whether we can take two people from different photo’s and merge them together, and this is something we can do with the software we have available.

The whole process of manipulating the image to get it ready for engraving the photo pendants can take a little time, we scan your photo and prepare the image by removing the background to leave the desired look but generally, we suggest using a photo that was taken indoors rather than outdoors.

The actual result of the photo pendant depends on the quality of the photograph that is available. It is quite popular to have a family pet engraved on to a pendant or a child’s first drawing. It is even popular to have handwriting engraved on the medal. And to make it even more special people often ask us to engrave a special message on the back, no matter what you put on the back it’s the ultimate way to personalise the piece of jewellery.

At Gear Jewellers, we advise not to wear the photo pendant with any type of zip jackets or other chains because they are very easy to scratch. Also not to wear them in the shower or when swimming as they can be damaged by chemicals. If you would like to know more about our Photo Pendants, or if you are unsure if your photos are suitable or not, please Contact Us. We are always happy to help you with any queries you might have.