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by Enya Quinn February 16, 2021

The Cushion Cut engagement ring has become super popular again in recent years, largely due to Megan Markle’s stunning three stone engagement ring given to her by Prince Harry, with a beautiful cushion cut centre diamond, flanked by two round brilliant cut diamonds which were taken from Harry's late mother, Lady Diana’s personal collection. How sweet! 

Meghan Markle's Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

                                                                                        (credit: Brides.com)


Our Sansa ring is the perfect engagement ring for you if you love the look of Megan’s ring. It has a stunning colorless cushion cut centre diamond that is complemented by two round brilliant cut diamonds either side making up a total diamond weight of 1.09cts.
Sansa Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Sansa Cushion Cut Engagement Ring - €5,600.00 

What is the cushion cut diamond?

The modern cushion cut is a square cut with rounded and softened edges that resemble a pillow giving it it’s cushion cut name. It has been admired for more than a century because of its romantic connotations and has quite an antique look. Its 58 facets are larger to those of a brilliant cut, allowing for the light to reflect beautifully.

BIJOU Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Bijou Cushion Cut Engagement Ring - €10,999.00

Our Bijou Diamond Engagement Ring is the perfect example of a gorgeous cushion cut diamond. It has a large centre with a diamond weight of 1.17cts, high colour grade of F and an incredible VS1 clarity. The stunning centre diamond is complimented by a delicate halo of round brilliant cut diamonds in a castille setting, giving the most incredible, eye-catching sparkle.


The Cushion Shape Ring

If you love the romantic shape of a cushion cut but prefer a different cut diamond then you can have the best of both worlds with the cushion shape. At Gear Jewellers we have an extensive selection of cushion shape engagement rings. 

VALERIE Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Valerie Cushion Cut Engagement Ring€3,200.00

NIAMH Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Niamh Cushion Cut Engagement Ring€5,900.00

PALOMA Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Paloma Cushion Cut Engagement Ring€2,400.00

VOGUE Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Vogue Cushion Cut Engagement Ring€2,200.00

RHEA Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Rhea Cushion Cut Engagement Ring€2,600.00

The Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring is an incredibly romantic and flattering design. If you want to discover more about Cushion Cut Engagement Rings, book a virtual appointment with a member of our team. We are here to guide you through the world of diamond jewellery.

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