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The Halo Engagement Ring

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Hello, Halo!

By Muireann Walshe

November 4th, 2020

The halo engagement ring originated in the 1920’s and even though it may be thought of as a modern design style the halo engagement ring has been around for one hundred years. Halo engagement rings could therefore be considered an antique style as it draws reference from these older designs, however given the advancement in technology and making processes we are able to design and construct much more refined and elegant or even elaborate and complex halo engagement rings. 

Princess Diana's & Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring. A 12ct oval sapphire surrounded by a cluster of 14 diamonds set in white gold. (Photo: GettyImages)

The halo engagement ring has certainly have made a comeback in the last 5 years and we have seen a major rise in its popularity. This could be because people want a more impressive sparkle and size from their engagement ring and the halo can definitely provide that.

what is a halo engagement ring?

A halo refers to the row of diamonds encompassing the centre diamond, like an aura radiating from the beautiful centre diamond. These halo diamonds can be in any style setting with any size diamonds. There is even the possibility of a double halo, which is a second halo encompassing the first, providing a seriously impressive sparkle! 

Halo engagement rings can come in all shapes and sizes, and shape diamond can have a halo, and any style of band is possible too.

why choose a halo engagement ring?

The halo can offer some extra security to the centre diamond. Mainly the halos purpose is to create and illusion, to make your engagement ring look much bigger that it actually is. The halo enhances the centre diamonds sparkle, adding to the reflection of light against all of its facets. Ultimately with a halo engagement ring you are achieving more bang for your buck as your engagement ring will look like a much larger diamond than it really is.

The halo design is not just limited to engagement rings, we have beautiful halo diamond earrings and halo diamond necklaces too. 

The halo engagement ring is not just an of the moment trend - it is a style that has been around for 100 years and will be a timeless classic in another hundred!

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