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by Enya Quinn January 27, 2021

The pear shape engagement ring or the teardrop engagement ring is a popular ring choice for newly engaged couples and I can definitely see why! It’s a stunning and elegant design that suits almost everyone and packs a brilliant sparkle!

Get to know the pear shape

The pear shape is a modified round brilliant cut, a combination of the round and marquise cuts. It has a point at one end and is rounded at the other, drawing the eye down and elongating the finger.

Sofia Pear Shaped Engagement Ring
Sofia Engagement Ring€3,900.00

You may think of the pear shape engagement ring as a modern design but in fact the pear shape has been around for hundreds of years. It was first introduced into the world in the 1400s by accomplished diamond cutter and polisher Lodewyk van Bercken of Belgium. 

You may also hear pear cut diamonds being referred to as teardrop diamonds because they emulate the sparkle and shape of a single tear drop falling from the eye. 

Tips for buying a pear shape engagement ring

A good thing to note when purchasing a pear engagement ring is that the pear shape is one of the diamond cuts that shows colour the strongest. This means when buying a white diamond you want to aim for a diamond no less than G in colour for the best results!

Make sure your pear diamond engagement ring has a strong setting. The point of a pear cut diamond is the most vulnerable so go for an engagement ring that protects this part. The modern halo design adds extra protection and a whole lot of sparkle!

Truman Pear Shaped Engagement Ring | Gear JewellersTruman Engagement Ring€2,600

Emperor Pear Shaped Engagement Ring | Gear Jewellers

Emperor Engagement Ring3,800

Wondering whether to wear your pear shape engagement ring facing up or down? Well at the end of the day it really is personal preference. I believe wearing it away from you, facing down is the most flattering as it elongates the finger making it look slender and oh so elegant!


Knight Pear Shaped Engagement Ring


Knight Engagement Ring€5,700

The pear shape diamond engagement ring will forever be one of my favourite designs. If you want to discover more about Pear Shape Engagement Rings, book a virtual appointment with a member of our team. We are here to guide you through the world of diamond jewellery.

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