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by Enya Quinn February 04, 2021

One of the more well known diamond engagement ring styles is the Princess Cut and I believe that’s because “Princess” is a familiar word to us, making it easier to remember. So many of us grow up dreaming about our wedding where we feel like a princess with our sparkly engagement ring and you can have that with your very own Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring.

DARBY Princess CutEngagement Ring

DARBY Engagement Ring€3,400.00

ASHLEY Engagement Ring by Gear Jewellers

ASHLEY Engagement Ring€2,400.00

History of the Princess Cut 

The Princess Cut is a design that gradually developed over the years. It can be traced back to 1961 when Arpad Nagy, a diamond polisher from London, created a new cut he called theProfile Cut. A decade later in 1971 the diamond cutter Basil Watermeyer patented a new diamond cut named theBarion Cut, although this cut proved difficult for even the most skilled diamond cutters due to its many symmetrical lines. In 1979 theQuadrillion Cut was born. This cut looked just like the Barion Cut but it had one major difference with having only 49 facets as opposed to 80 facets! All three of these cuts play a part in the stunning Princess Cut we see today.

CASHEL Princess Cut Engagement Ring

CASHEL Engagement Ring€5,400.00

SIOFRA Princess Cut Engagement Ring

SIOFRA Engagement Ring - €5,999.00

The Modern Day Princess Cut

Sometimes referred to as the square modified brilliant, the princess cut is faceted similarly to the round brilliant and can have 49 to 79 facets but usually has 78 facets for greater sparkle! It has the shape of an upside down pyramid with 4 sharp corners. These corners are the most vulnerable part of the cut for chipping or damage so it’s best to choose a setting that protects these points. 

AMBER Princess Cut Engagement Ring

AMBER Engagement Ring€2,700.00

TARA Double Halo Princess Cut Engagement Ring

TARA Engagement Ring€3,999.00

The Princess Cut diamond can also be a better bang for budget too! It only loses about 20% of a rough diamond in the cutting process, compared to a round brilliant that loses at 50%, making the Princess Cut more economical and easier on your wallet.

NINA Princess Cut Engagement Ring

NINA Engagement Ring€3,400.00

SPENCER Princess Cut Engagement Ring

SPENCER Engagement Ring€3,200.00

The Princess Cut attracts people that love clean, symmetrical lines but also love a brilliant sparkle! If you want to discover more about Princess Cut Engagement Rings, book a virtual appointment with a member of our team. We are here to help you find the perfect diamond ring.

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