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by Enya Quinn March 18, 2021

A diamond cut that combines the class and elegance of an emerald cut and the beautiful sparkle of a round brilliant cut, the Radiant Cut is a popular choice for engagement rings. Even though it’s a relatively new cut, the Radiant Cut has taken the world by storm!

Sibeal Radiant Cut Engagement Ring

SIBEAL Diamond Engagement Ring | 1.13ct€4,800.00

History of the Radiant Cut

The Radiant Cut has only been around since 1977 when master diamond cutter Mr. Henry Grossbard first began working on the best Radiant Cut he could make and in 1981 he had perfected the cut, which is what we see in the jewellery world today. It’s a stunning rectangle or square cut diamond with an incredible 70 facets for a brilliant sparkle!

Athena Radiant Cut Engagement Ring

Athena Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring€3,500.00

The Radiant Cut today..

The Radiant Cut is known for its cut corners. It can vary in its degree of rectangularity, sometimes being more square, which can appear like a cushion cut, but you can tell a Radiant cut from a cushion cut instantly, due to its many more facets. 

Sibeal Radiant Cut Engagement Ring

Sibeal Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | 0.77ct€2,600.00

Due to its shape, proportions and facet arrangement, the Radiant Cut intensifies a diamond’s colour and this is why it is popular for fancy coloured diamonds like yellow diamonds. Its high facet count also helps with hiding a diamond's flaws and inclusions, giving it a higher level of clarity. 

Ailesbury Radiant Cut Engagement Ring

Ailesbury Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - €9,999.00

Our Ailesbury engagement ring shows off its D colour, Radiant Cut diamond beautifully. The four claw solitaire setting allows for so much light to enter the diamond, creating the most beautiful and intense sparkle! With a diamond weight of 1.03cts and a high clarity grade of VS2, this Radiant Cut diamond really is a showstopper! 

So if you love the elegant look of an emerald cut diamond but prefer a more brilliant sparkle, then the Radiant Cut diamond is for you! If you want to discover more about Radiant Cut Engagement Rings then view our collection in store or online or why not book a virtual appointment with a member of our team. We are here to help you find the perfect diamond engagement ring.

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