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With the ever changing world of fashion one style that always remains and never goes out of fashion is the classic three stone engagement ring. A ring that has a beautiful meaning behind it. Each stone symbolises something special; The past, everything you both have been through together and the incredible memories you have made. The present, the now, how much you love one another and lastly, the future, the incredible memories you’ll continue to make together forever. How romantic!

History of the three stone engagement ring.

Where did the three stone engagement ring originate? Three stone rings or trilogy engagement rings as they are also known as, have been around for quite some time but it wasn’t until De Beers released their Trilogy campaign in 2001 that really brought this intriguing style into the spotlight and it became a staple design in the jewellery world.

Designs & Styles

Even though the concept of a three stone engagement ring is quite simple, there are so many different three stone designs and styles to choose from.

Same Diamond Cuts - The most popular and classic design is for each of the three stones to be of the same cut, for example, three Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds or three Princess Cut Diamonds, with the centre diamond usually being bigger than both side diamonds. Our stunning Lexi Engagement Ring portrays this beautifully with a centre diamond weight of 0.71cts, set in platinum.


                                                Lexi Three Stone Engagement ring       Lexi Engagement Ring

LEXI Engagement Ring | 1.53ct - €9,500


Different Diamond Cuts - This design will have the centre stone as a different cut to the two side stones. For example, an oval cut centre diamond flanked by two pear shaped diamonds. An attractive design that amplifies the centre diamond beautifully. Our 18ct white gold Kai Engagement Ring shows just how stunning this style can be. 

                                                Kai Three Stone Engagement Ring on hand      Kai Three Stone Engagement Ring
KAI Engagement Ring - €2,900 

Halo Three Stone - A more modern take on the classic three stone engagement ring. Adding a halo to each diamond adds extra sparkle and makes your diamonds look even bigger! Our magical Wonder Engagement Ring lives up to its name with its incredibly beautiful triple halo, oval design. 

                                                 Wonder Engagement Ring on Hand     Wonder Three Stone Engagement Ring

WONDER Engagement Ring - €3,600 

Gemstone & Diamond Three Stone - Add a pop of colour to your engagement ring by changing out that centre diamond for a gemstone. Our beautiful Europa Sapphire and Diamond Engagement ring has a deep blue oval cut sapphire, complimented by two round brilliant cut diamonds and channel set diamond shoulders, set in 18ct gold.


                                                  Europe Engagement Ring on Hand       Europe Engagement Ring

EUROPA Engagement Ring - €4,100 

 The three stone engagement ring will be around forever, it truly is a special one! If you want to discover more about Three Stone Engagement Rings, book a virtual appointment with a member of our team. We are here to guide you through the world of diamond jewellery.


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