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All about Eternity Rings!

All about Eternity Rings!

eternity ring guide

By Muireann Walshe

November 11th, 2020

An Eternity Ring is a symbol of infinite love, represented by the rings perfect circle. An Eternity Ring is a special gift in a couples relationship, it can be given for the birth of a first child or to mark a milestone anniversary or simply as the symbol of eternal love for one another. The history of the Eternity ring goes back millennia to ancient civilisations such as the Egyptians, who would gift the Eternity Ring to one another for much the same reasons we do today.

Eternity can be visually represented in many ways like an infinity symbol or a snake consuming its tail, the ring represents a perfect circle with no start and no finish point. 

Combined with diamonds, the worlds hardest material - it will never scratch break or change in any way. Together making an Eternity Ring - a perfect symbol for a couples never ending love for one another.

Eternity Rings are a band with diamonds of similar size and shape, which can be worn beside an engagement and wedding ring set, or on its own on the right hand - it all comes down to the individuals preference! 

When should you give the gift of an Eternity Ring? 

Sometimes an Eternity Ring can be referred to as a ‘maternity ring’, ‘push ring’ or ‘push present’ as it is generally gifted to a woman after the birth of her first child - a special gift for a tremendous accomplishment! This has become one of the most common traditions for gifting an Eternity Ring in Ireland.

Or an Eternity Ring can be gifted after one, five or ten years of marriage, marking a special wedding anniversary with a sparkling Eternity Ring. Whatever the reason for gifting an Eternity Ring the beautiful sentiment of the ring remains, everlasting and eternal love!  

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