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Woman's hand wearing a radiant cut diamond Engagement Rings by Gear Jewellers

Engagement Rings

Seal your love with the ultimate gift to show your partner they are eternally the one for you. Our diamond engagement rings are the start of your romantic journey together.





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    We get it, you’ve never done this before.

    That’s why we have diamond experts on hand, who are here to guide you through every step - from understanding what carat, colour, cut and clarity mean, to finding the perfect ring.


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    From the moment we stepped in, to the moment we left with our ring, the journey was seamless. We couldn't be happier!
    - Jessica & Ryan

    About our engagement ring collection

    Choosing an engagement ring is one of those unique decisions that holds emotion, significance, and a touch of personal style. We've carefully curated a collection that beautifully bridges the gap between contemporary trending styles, like the toi et moi, and eternal classics like the round brilliant solitaires and ovals.

    We understand the nuances that go into choosing an engagement ring and recognise the importance of individual preferences. If you find a design that's close to what you're imagining but needs a slight tweak—whether in the diamond's cut, clarity, or the metal type — our master goldsmiths and diamond setters are equipped and eager to accommodate.

    You can order online or meet with a diamond advisor in-store at our Dublin City Centre showroom . Our diamond advisors can offer insights, answer queries, or just share in the excitement of choosing that perfect ring.


    Modern Classics

    You want your ring design to be timeless, and we get that. Our collection features rings that transcend trends, look great from every angle and are made to last a lifetime.

    Try filtering your search by our core engagement ring styles:

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    Excellence Beyond Every Ring

    All our engagement rings are created with the utmost craftsmanship, quality, and materials. Our dedication to excellence ensures a finish that's a cut above the rest.

    As part of our commitment to you, we offer a Lifetime Care Package including one year manufacturer's warranty, free servicing, free resizing and free cleaning, fully inclusive with every ring made by us.


    Learn About Engagement Rings

    When it comes to choosing your diamond ring, there’s a lot to consider. That's why we created this FAQ section – to help you pick the right one without the fuss.