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Best Necklaces for Girlfriends’ Birthday: Styles and Types

Are you in a dilemma trying to find the perfect necklace for your girlfriend's birthday? Don't worry, our expert jewellers here in Dublin can help!

Celebrating her special day is important and making it extra memorable by giving her something that she will cherish for years to come is essential. 

With so many beautiful necklaces available on the market today, choosing just one can be a little overwhelming! 

So read on as we guide you through the styles and types of some of the most beautiful necklaces that are sure to put a smile on her face when she opens them on her special day!

So let’s start with the short answer for the best necklaces for your girlfriend's birthday! Then we’ll get into more details.

A personalised type of necklace is the perfect gift for your girlfriend's birthday. Choose from Name necklaces, initial pendant styles, engraved bar necklaces, birthstone necklaces or a classic dazzling diamond necklace to celebrate her birthday in style.

So let’s dive straight in and discover some of the benefits of buying an elegant and show-stopping necklace for your beloved!

Benefits of buying your girlfriend a necklace for her birthday

Shopping for your girlfriend's birthday gift can be a challenge, but buying a necklace can be a great option

Not only does it make a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewellery she can show off to those closest to her, but it will also act as a symbol of love and commitment to your relationship. 

Necklaces are timeless pieces that usually carry immense sentimental value due to the thoughtfulness behind them, so your girlfriend is bound to appreciate this kind gesture. 

Plus, they come in many shapes, sizes and styles - so you'll be sure to find something that speaks to her personality.

Why not take her out on a shopping trip together either before or after her birthday and find something extra special?

What should I consider when buying the best necklaces for my girlfriend's birthday? 

Before you begin searching the glorious array of necklaces available it’s worth understanding that 

it's the thought that counts! 

Put intention into your gift selection by focusing on pieces of jewellery that she will appreciate and make her feel special.

Think about the type of metals or materials she usually wears, her preferred colours and styles, or any other special features she may like — maybe a charm necklace with meaningful charms attached, or personalise your choice with a thoughtful initial or name pendant.   


If you’re looking for something that is both sentimental and personal, why not consider gifting her with a special, personalised necklace? 

This type of present checks all the boxes - it is a beautiful jewellery piece and extra meaningful at the same time. 

Plus she will absolutely adore wearing something that was made specifically with her in mind! 

With the countless combination of styles and materials available, you'll be sure to find something unique to fit your girlfriend's taste.

Think about her personal taste

Don’t forget to take into account her personal taste in jewellery when choosing.

A beautiful necklace is sure to make an unforgettable treat for your partner on their birthday!

Ok so let’s take a walk through some of the best styles of birthday necklaces to make your girlfriend fall in love with you all over again!

Name necklaces 

The name necklaces have always been a timeless necklace style! So whether you opt for an elegant and classic 9ct gold name necklace or beautiful sterling silver, they offer a unique and personal accessory! 

Ultimately a perfect gift for special occasions such as your girlfriend’s birthday! 

Gifting her an accessory that has her own name engraved on it is sure to make them feel extra special, cared for and loved. 

Name necklaces come in various different styles to cater to every taste and budget, so you’re sure to find something perfect for your special someone.

No matter how you customize it, it will still be something she treasures for years to come!

Initial pendant necklace 

An initial pendant necklace is one of the sweetest gifts you can give to your girlfriend for her birthday. It's a piece of jewellery that holds a special meaning and will surely make her smile! 

Made in a wealth of different metals from gold, sterling silver, or even stunning diamonds

From her own initial through to a special nickname or even your initial; gifting an initial pendant necklace to your girlfriend guarantees that she'll think of you every time she wears it.

Birthstone necklace 

A birthstone necklace is a great gift to get your girlfriend for her birthday! Not only is it a unique and thoughtful gesture, it has symbolic meaning too. 

A birthstone necklace represents the month you’re born, so it’ll be tailored to them and they’ll appreciate how much thought you put into it. 

Plus, if that wasn't convincing enough, wearing a birthstone necklace can bring good fortune, with each gemstone having its own characteristics! 

So whether her birthstone is a diamond, topaz, or a beautiful aquamarine, gifting this meaningful necklace will make your girlfriend feel extra special on her birthday.

Remember to check out our elegant 9ct gold ‘Wish’ collection to find the perfect match! 

Engraved bar necklace

Are you thinking of getting your girlfriend a birthday gift she’ll never forget? Why not consider an engraved bar necklace? 

This elegant jewellery piece has a vertical or horizontal bar. Crafted in quality 9ct gold or sterling silver, there will be the perfect necklace to suit her style! 

Complete with a personalised engraving such as a special date, message, a meaningful word, or a name - to make it ever so special. 

So whether it's your girlfriend's birthday or a special anniversary, an engraved bar necklace is sure to make her feel loved and cherished for years to come.

Diamond Necklace

An incredible and unique way to express your love and appreciation for your girlfriend this birthday is with a beautiful piece of diamond jewellery

Gifting your girlfriend a diamond necklace for her birthday is sure to make it one she will never forget! 

Whether you choose a stunning solitaire diamond necklace, a breathtaking lab-grown diamond necklace, a romantic heart shape pendant, or an on-trend dazzling halo style, you are sure to find the perfect choice! 

A high-quality genuine diamond necklace symbolises the bond between the two of you, and it’s also something that she can keep and wear for years to come as a tangible reminder of your love and devotion. 

Not only will her heart melt from your thoughtful gesture, but there's no doubt that it will turn more than a few heads when accessorizing her birthday outfit! 

Give your special someone the gift of diamond brilliance this year; she'll be glad you did!

Best necklaces for girlfriend’s birthday – Wrapping up  

So whether you're looking for something that speaks to your girlfriend's unique sense of style or something to be worn for years to come, the perfect necklace is waiting for the two of you! 

With so many options available, you are sure to find just the right symbol of love and appreciation for your beloved. 

So take this moment to surprise your significant other with a meaningful piece that captures her personality and expresses how much she means to you. 

Check out our stunning necklace collection in our flagship Dublin store or online, and create a moment that will be remembered forever!