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by Enya Quinn February 08, 2021

I’m sure most of you have heard of a solitaire diamond engagement ring by now, but did you know that solitaire is an umbrella term given to any type of ring with a single diamond in the centre? Let’s delve a little deeper into the most popular solitaire engagement ring settings..

The 4 Claw Setting

First, we have the classic 4 claw diamond solitaire engagement ring. This type of setting consists of one singular diamond being held in place by 4 strong claws that extend from the base of the ring, allowing for light to enter the diamond with barely any metal blocking it, creating an incredible fiery sparkle! Because of the little metal holding your diamond in place, have your ring checked regularly for any looseness in the setting.

Earth 4 claw Solitaire Engagement Ring

Earth 4 claw Solitaire Engagement Ring€6,999.00

Ailesbury Radiant Cut Solitaire Ring

Ailesbury Radiant cut Solitaire Engagement Ring€9,999.00

The 6 Claw Setting

Now, this design is similar to the setting I mentioned above only this has 2 extra claws. If you love the look of a claw setting but you’re heavy-handed or not always the most careful with your jewellery then the 6 claw diamond engagement ring might be better for you because of the extra bit of security. Plus it looks gorgeous!


ZEUS 6 claw Solitaire Engagement Ring

Zeus 6 claw Solitaire Engagement Ring€5,900.00


Imperial 6 claw Solitaire Engagement Ring

Imperial 6 Claw Solitaire Engagement Ring€7,500.00

The Compass Setting

A slight variation of the classic 4 claw setting, the compass setting still has 4 claws but they have different placements; north, south, east, and west that usually twist up from the base of the ring. This setting is stunning and makes the diamond have a more rounded look compared to the classic 4 claw setting that can make the round diamond seem a little more square.

ELLA Compass Setting Solitaire Engagement Ring

Ella Solitaire Engagement Ring€4,500.00

LIBBY Compass Setting Solitaire Engagement Ring

Libby Solitaire Engagement Ring (1.04ct)€6,999.00

Diamond Gallery Setting

You have to look a little closer to see what the diamond gallery setting is all about. This consists of a diamond or diamonds that sit underneath the head of the ring which gives a unique look and so much sparkle. How fab!

Beaufort Solitaire Engagement Ring

Beaufort Solitaire Engagement Ring - €2,999.00 

Amelia Solitaire Engagement Ring

Each solitaire design has its own pros and cons so find one that suits your lifestyle. If you want to know more about Solitaire Engagement Rings, book a virtual appointment with a member of our team. We are here to help you find the perfect diamond ring!

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