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Do you wear your engagement ring every day

Do you wear your engagement ring every day?

One of the most romantic days of anyone’s life is the day your partner proposes. A celebration of your love for each other with a candlelit dinner and a beautiful ring.




For those living in Ireland and in the four corners of the world, An engagement ring tells the world of your devotion for each other and is a symbol of your ongoing commitment.


Of course, we all want to show off our exquisite, sparkling diamond engagement ring to everyone we meet!


But many people not just in Ireland but right across the globe often wonder ‘do you wear your engagement ring every day?’ Along with wondering will it be safe to wear, will it keep clean and many other questions!


In our helpful article we will clear up all those engagement ring musings, once and for all.


In general it’s perfectly safe to wear your engagement ring every day. However, if you are doing any kind of rough work such as cleaning or gardening, sports or the gym. It’s not advised to wear your rings in bed as the diamonds may loosen or catch on bedclothes and remove before showering.


Ok so with the short answer underway, so we can understand a little more about whether you can wear your engagement ring every day, let’s start with finding some facts about diamond engagement rings.


One of the hardest substances in the world

Diamonds are among the hardest substances on earth. Yet, they can be damaged if you do not take good care of them.


Diamond jewellery, including engagement rings  made in Ireland, when worn constantly, can accumulate dust and grime and become dull.


Although they are hard as previously mentioned Diamonds may also get scratched, or even worse, the stones can work loose from the settings.


Our expert jewellers here at gearjewellers recommend not to store your engagement ring next to any other jewelry as they can rub against each other and get scratched.


So how do you take care of your engagement ring if you want to wear it every day?


Read on to find out more.


Is it ok to wear my engagement ring if I’m cleaning or gardening?

Wearing your diamond ring when working in the garden can add to the dirt and grime that tarnish your jewellery.


You also increase the possibility of losing your ring as you are digging and weeding.


Banging your jewellery against hard surfaces when you are cleaning the house or doing some other rough work can chip the stones or scratch them.


To keep your jewellery from getting damaged in the above situations, remove them and put them in a safe place till you have finished these jobs.


If that is not practical, where possible, wear gloves. When you take off your gloves, be sure you don't pull your rings off with them too.


If you have taken off your beautiful diamond ring it’s worth understanding that it’s not the best idea to just throw it on the kitchen table!


So read on to discover how best to store your engagement ring if you need to remove it when perhaps gardening or cleaning.


 Do you wear your engagement ring every day


“You also increase the possibility

 of losing your ring as you are digging and weeding.”

How to store engagement rings

So although usual day to day activities won't harm your engagement ring and so it’s just fine to show off your stunning solitaire engagement ring!


But as we’ve mentioned earlier harsh chemicals and rough work damage it so it’s best to remove it under those circumstances, and take it off when you know it'll be exposed to potentially harmful cleaning agents or a hard day in the garden.


When you are starting your cleaning chores or putting your garden in order, make sure you store your engagement ring from Ireland ( or indeed anywhere!) in proper jewellery cases.


The best kind is cases that have cloth lining or a case that has separate compartments for different kinds of jewellery.


If you have to store them in a plain box, wrap each piece in tissue paper. Don't let your jewellery rub against each other. This could cause chipping and scratches.

Engagement Ring on a womans finger


“make sure you store your engagement ring in a proper jewellery case”.


Ok so now we’ve found out it’s ok to wear your engagement during the day, what about while you are sleeping?


Can I sleep in my engagement ring?

Although it might keep your loved one close to your heart while you sleep by wearing your engagement ring, it’s not recommended by our master jewellers.


When you sleep with your engagement ring on, it can put pressure on your ring which may result in scratched or in worse cases, lost diamonds, especially in solitaire rings.


The movement of bedclothes can also cause the prongs and the shank which hold the solitaires and other jewels in place to bend.


“When you sleep with your engagement ring on, it can put pressure on your ring”


So although anyone asking if you can wear your Irish engagement rings or any beautiful expertly crafted engagement ring, every  day is generally ok, you might be wondering whether it’s ok when you are showering?


Let’s find out what you need to do.


Take your engagement ring off for sports and the gym

Any kind of contact sport can ruin your delicate solitaire, oval or pear-shaped engagement ring


Contact sports such As tennis, baseball or golf could result in a broken or lost ring, similarly to any kind of weight handling or lifting such as at the gym. Free weights can scratch, chip, or loosen stones, and also could cause accidents if the ring works loose.


Sweat can ruin fine diamonds and also could cause allergic reactions


Do you wear your engagement ring every day


One of our most important daily rituals is a morning shower so although we’ve discovered it’s ok to wear your engagement ring throughout the day, do you need to take it off when you shower?


Can I wear my engagement ring in the shower?


Although it is ok on occasion, the shower isn’t the best place for your stylish engagement ring from Ireland or from any other country!


The reason for this is twofold.


Firstly the soap and water together could cause your ring to slip off into the shower tray. You might even tread on it! Or lose it down the plug holes!


Secondly, linked to when you are doing your daily chores, the detergents in shampoo, conditioner and shower gels could tarnish or dull your ring. Any kind of exfoliation such as a shower scrub could cause damage by scratching.


And finally…

So there you have your definitive answer as to whether you can wear your engagement ring every day!


It’s perfectly ok to show off your glistening symbol of love to the world on a daily basis, but by following our tips on when to remove it, you should keep it looking beautiful and in perfect condition.


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