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Woman wearing Gold hoop earrings from Gear Jewellers Dublin


With so many gorgeous and elegant styles of earrings, it can be difficult to know which type will see you on the trend list for 2022!

From beautifully designed simple stud sparklers, wearing two different styles, the Boho glamour of a hanging charm or an up-to-the-minute cartilage piercing, we’ve got it all covered. As jewellers of distinction in the Dublin area we certainly understand what's trending.

Join us in our pick of the best earrings in style for 2022. Perfect as a gift for the one you love or even part of your self-care program!

Earring styles for 2022 include studs offering boho glamour with lightning bolts, feathers, triple shooting stars, and a classic simple sparkle. Huggie earrings with hanging charms or in a rainbow of gem droppers, oversized hoop earrings, ear cuffs and curated cartilage ear decoration remain popular. 

So let’s start with the enduring classic on anyone’s earring want list, the classic stud earring.










The stud earring is a style classic icon and never goes out of fashion. Whether it’s a flash of sparkle, plain gold, diamond cubic zirconia encrusted, or a contemporary design these elegant mini style statements will always compliment any outfit.

Anyone living in the Dublin area is sure to find the finest range of trending stud earrings in a range of metals and designs in gold, white gold, silver and the ever-chic rose gold.

Sapphire CZ Butterfly Earrings ​​ - €75.00 

Bees are trending in 2022

The bee motif is one we are seeing everywhere in 2022. From interior decor through to clothing and jewellery. Even the luxury fashion houses are showing some love for these cute and important minibeasts with Gucci including them on their uber-trendy bee sunglasses. 

Here at Gear jewellers, we are bang on trend with our exquisite bee gold studs. Whether you are a queen bee or a honey bee you’ll be spoilt for choice.

We also echo the rising trend for two different style studs which brings a real uniqueness to your jeweller style in our cute honey bee gold stud set. 

With one earring as a super adorable honey bee, and the other cute honeycomb, both set with cubic zirconia.

The lightning bolt theme is also another trend galloping up the trending polls. This simple but elegant design can be seen on catwalks and even on the eyebrows of Instagram influencers.

“Here at Gear jewellers, we are bang on

trend with our exquisite bee gold studs”. 

Hoop earrings

A classic hoop design is always on the design table for the best jewellers in Dublin and beyond!

The ever-enduring hoop earring is a design classic and stays fresh and relevant during 2022.

Bamboo Hoop Earrings in 9ct Gold by Gear Jewellers
Bamboo Hoop Earrings | 9ct Gold - €180.00​​

Huggie earrings

Huggie earrings are known to be bang up to date for jewellery trendsetters and work well with a statement tee, oversized blazer in a bold colour coupled with your favourite jeans and sneakers.

Head over to our store to discover adorable mini Huggie earrings in a rainbow of colours to match every mood and outfit and don’t be afraid to clash colours for a maximalist look that’s trending right now.

“Huggie earrings are bang up to date for jewellery trendsetters”


To keep up with the 2022 ongoing trend for charms, try your Huggie with a star, moon, feathers or even a simple gold heart to add a touch of boho glamour.

Charm jewellery is a relaxed trend that means earring lovers can find a design that matches their mood or personality and is still proving popular.

Telling your own personal story is iconic for the time we live in, so choose a design that speaks to you.

Classic diamond and gemstones earrings

Quality diamond earrings made from luxury metals such as platinum and white gold are never far from the top of the ‘must-have’ stakes.

A classic diamond sparkle is not only a hot trend for 2022 but has a legacy that has made them simply iconic.

There has never been a better time to sparkle like a diamond! With the low points of the last few years, treating yourself or the one you love is high on everyone’s to-do list.

With styles that straddle all the hot trends for 2022, including delicate diamond studs, drop earrings and gemstone encrusted ear cuffs, there's a beautifully designed classic earring for everyone.

Diamond Hoop Earrings by Gear Jewellers
Diamon Hoop Earrings - 0.40CT| 18ct Gold - €1,300.00​​

Plain gold hoops

Don’t forget the archetypal plain gold hoop earrings in sizes from 8mm to the larger style statement, 60mm.

The classic choice for the day, or evening. An elegant choice for any celebratory event such as a wedding, afternoon tea with your girlfriends or simply stylish for the office.

Try an oversized hoop with complementary red lips for that iconic hipster look ...or a sleek pulled back ponytail for a real 2022 statement.

We also love the simplicity but wow factor of a triple hoop earring, which can take you from day to evening.

“Try an oversized hoop with complementary red lips for that iconic

hipster look ...or a sleek pulled back ponytail”

Drop earrings

Drop earrings have simply never been out of the fashion limelight ...and are an eternal earring trend for 2022 and beyond. Gold drop earrings are the perfect choice for anyone in Dublin who wants to add a touch of elegance along with an up-to-the-minute look.

From a classic pear dropper with sparkle and glitz to uber-stylish polished bar earrings in gold, a dropper will always add a touch of elegance and glamour to the proceedings! They also make fabulous gifts for Mother’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries.

The only question is should you go for a minimalist mini dropper or go all out for an oversized one?

Our current 2022 favourites here at Gear Jewellers are the classic bar and hoop earrings. These sophisticated but simple droppers work beautifully with your LBD or in the boardroom!

“Drop earrings have simply never been out of the fashion limelight, and are

an eternal earring trend for 2022 and beyond”.

Cartilage piercings

Cartilage piercings are right up in the popularity stakes for the ‘stylistas’ and have been enjoying a boom in the last few years.

So much so, that they were considered to be one of the biggest post-lockdown trends of 2021 as piercing shops once again re-opened to the public.

The ‘curated ear’ is regarded as the fashions world's favourite fashion statement for the rebellious. These beautifully designed delicate and decorative earrings bring a real touch of uniqueness as earring fans rush to create their own personal look.

From delicate tiny white gold sparkling stars through to ear cuffs, there are so many designs to choose from to create your achingly stylish curated ear. Perfect to mix and match and easily changed to suit your mood, occasion or rebellious streak!

To keep up with the 2022 trend choose exquisitely crafted 9ct gold or white gold. With a range of designs that echo those looking for a simple stud such as shooting stars, delicate triple supernova styles in high-quality 9ct gold, the ever-present lightning bolt, or a classic sparkle, there’s a design perfect for you.

“They were considered to be one of the

biggest post lockdown trends of 2021”

And to finish on…

For a prestige shopping experience, our flagship Dublin store is the perfect place to choose your 2022 trending earrings.

View all our beautiful and exquisitely detailed beautiful earrings in real-time and enjoy a glamorous shopping experience.  Our dark wood lacquered counters coupled with elegant soft grey furnishings provide an opulent setting to showcase our fine jewellery.

Contact us today to discuss your bespoke Jewelry requirements.

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