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There are so many decisions to make when planning a celebration of a couple's commitment. Whether it’s choosing a venue for the big day, or selecting the right type of engagement ring. 

A beautifully crafted engagement ring is a symbol of your love. But what are the differences between traditional gold engagement rings and luxurious platinum styles? and which is the right choice for you? 

As jewellry experts in Ireland, read our helpful article which discusses the differences, and similarities, and whether you should choose a gold or platinum engagement ring.

Choosing a gold or platinum engagement is purely a question of taste, choice, and each individual couple's preferences. Platinum rings are more valuable and more expensive. (cost a little more) It’s worth having matching metals in both engagement and wedding rings to stop scuffs and scratches.  

The magical moment when you ask for your partner's hand in marriage is one of the most significant and special occasions in a couple's life. A moment to cherish. So what kind of engagement ring would be the perfect one? 

Let’s start by taking a look at the budget first. So if that’s your consideration then you can discover which one is generally lighter on the purse strings. 

Which is more budget-friendly. A gold or platinum engagement ring?    

It’s interesting to discover that platinum and gold – when bought per gram – are very similar in price. 

However, because of the density or ‘hardness’ of platinum, more is required to make the best platinum engagement rings. 

In the countries where platinum is mined, such as South Africa and Russia, it’s much harder to find than traditional gold. 

So as platinum is essentially denser and much rarer, it can have a slightly higher price at the source. 

It could be that some platinum rings can be up to four times as expensive as gold, but this does depend on many factors, such as any previous stones contained in the tong, such as the quality of the diamond, for instance. 

“platinum and gold when bought 

per gram are very similar in price.”

Is a gold or platinum ring more valuable?  

Although the value of an engagement ring is more about what it means to you both as a soon-to-be married couple, the two metals' value does differ. 

As we discovered above, most precious metals are priced according to their weight. So as platinum is much denser than gold, platinum is the more valuable choice.

Platinum is rarer than gold 

Again, as we discovered above, platinum is a much rarer metal than gold. 

For instance, in 2022, there is over 53,000 tons of gold available in reserves according to mining experts

And in comparison, 190 metric tons of platinum are mined across the globe per year, as opposed to 3,300 tons of gold, according to other experts.

A platinum engagement ring also needs to have at least 95% metal in order for it to be termed ‘platinum’ whereas 14k gold engagement rings only require 58.5% of the precious metal. 

So taking that into account, your platinum engagement ring will have more value than a traditional gold type, simply taking the metal into account and not any precious stones which might be set into it. 

So for anyone wondering whether they should choose an exquisite gold lab-grown diamond engagement ring containing both gold and platinum or plump for an elegant oval platinum diamond engagement ring, there are lots to consider! 

”your platinum engagement ring will have

more value than a traditional gold type,”

Gold or platinum engagement ring – What happens over time 


One of your considerations for choosing either gold or platinum for an engagement ring might be how long they last and keep their beauty. 

Discover more below. 


For an engagement ring to be marketed as ‘platinum’ it must contain at least 95% of that particular metal. 

This means it’s probably one of the purest engagement rings in terms of the weight of metal that is available to buy for married couples! 

Unlike gold, it won’t fade into yellow, but it might lose its polished finish. This, however, gives way to a natural patina.



Due to many different reasons, gold will change its look over time. This is due to a wealth of factors. For instance, the chemicals in soaps and other detergents such as cleaning fluids can alter their finish. 

Other environmental reasons too such as exposure to the elements and also general wear and tear. 

As gold is softer than platinum, after a number of years it can begin to wear away slightly too. The best jewellers can, however, give your gold jewellery a new lease of life, by building up the ring with more gold and restoring it to its former beauty.

“Due to many different reasons,

gold will change its look over time”


“Engagement rings, on the other hand, are typically only given once an official proposal has been made”

Should the metal on my engagement ring match that of my chosen wedding ring? 

Although you might like the idea of mismatching rings or even if you haven’t given the metal of both your engagement and wedding rings too much thought, it could be best to decide on one metal for both. 

Both gold or platinum is a perfect choice and traditional for an engagement ring, but it is worth thinking about which metal your wedding ring is most likely to be made of. 

The reason for this is basically the hardness of each metal can vary. So for example, if you have a very hard metal engagement ring and choose one made out of softer metal for your wedding ring, it might cause scratching from one metal to the other. 

“Both gold or platinum is a perfect choice

and traditional for an engagement ring,”

Mohs Scale Of Hardness

So before you consider whether to go for softer gold than the more robust platinum, it’s worth making sure it will match your wedding bands. 

The Mohs Scale of Hardness rates platinum as slightly higher on the scale at 3.5, rather than the lower 2.5 of gold. 

When picking out the metal for your wedding ring, there’s just one rule: It must be of the same hardness as that of your engagement ring. This is so neither ring scratches the other.

If you for instance chose a platinum engagement ring and went on to decide on a platinum wedding ring, there’s a good chance of scuffing and scratching the gold wedding ring.


Gold or platinum engagement ring – Which is the best?

So as we can see, there are many factors that might make your decision on whether to choose a gold or platinum engagement ring.

Although the value of the ring and of course budget may play a part, our expert jewellers understand that it's all about personal choice and your own distinctive style. 

And to end on… 

Here at Gear Jewelers, we are experts in selecting only the best fine jewellery to celebrate your engagement. A family tradition since 1969 means we understand exactly the types of engagement rings you will cherish forever. 

Whether you choose a traditional gold solitaire or decide that a platinum ring symbolizes your love for each other, head over to discover our fine engagement ring jewellery collection and make an appointment at our luxurious Dublin store for a specially tailored experience.

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