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Necklaces Guide by Gear Jewellers


Choosing a necklace can be a lovely experience but it can be tricky deciding the perfect style for you. 


Is it for a special occasion such as a wedding? A necklace to wear every day or maybe a gift for someone special. 


As the leading jewellery store in Dublin, we help customers select the right necklace all the time. It’s something you can do too, so it’s worth taking some time to do your homework.


Join us to discover more about choosing the right necklace. Let’s start first with the mini takeaway before we look a little more closely.


When choosing a necklace, style might be the first consideration. However, make sure you know how to measure to get the perfect fit, especially important if layering. Think about your face shape, height, body type and where you want the necklace to sit.


So let’s dive straight in and help you choose the perfect necklace.


When selecting the correct chain length for your necklace it is important to consider features. Such as:

  • Style 

  • Height

  • Body type 

  • Face shape 

  • Neck 

This is of course alongside other factors such as whether it needs to fit with a specific neckline or a style for an important outfit such as on a bridesmaid



With a wealth of gorgeous necklace styles available there’s no doubt, you will be spoilt for choice. Style is possibly the first consideration you will make. 


Whether to go for an elegant freshwater pearl in luxury white gold, a neat gold bar style that never dates, a personalised keepsake necklace, or even a statement paper link necklace, there’s a style to suit every mood and occasion! 


For hitting the style bar, chunky chains are on-trend for 2022, to wear either on their own or layered. Layered necklaces mean you can create your own unique style and it's a look that’s here to stay! 


It’s important to get the sizes right when you are layering or otherwise you might find that your chains will simply just fight with each other and worse, wrap around together and break! 


So read on to find out more about how to measure so you can choose a necklace that works for you. 


“Layered necklaces mean you can create your own unique style and it's a look that’s here to stay!”


Girl wearing Necklace by Gear Jewellers



To make sure you get the right necklace length to compliment your outfit or to find which size is best for you, you’ll need a soft tape measure. These are the types used for dressmaking. 


If you are going for the uber-stylish layered necklace look or even when you want to buy any type of necklace, especially a choker style, it’s important to make sure you get the sizing just right. 


Take a soft dressmaker's measuring tape and wrap it as close as you can around your neck. 


Once you have your neck measurement, for a comfortable fit, then it’s a question of simply adding a few inches for the style.


  • Add 2 inches for a choker, 

  • 4 inches for a pendant type 


“Take a soft dressmaker's measuring tape and wrap it as close as you can around your neck.” 



As with any other fashion accessory or outfit, your body shape often plays a part when choosing a style that flatters you. So it’s no wonder that your face shape can make a difference when choosing a necklace. 


Choosing the right necklace will help to accentuate and flatter your best features. 


  • Round faces: a longer chain length will help to give a more flattering v shape. A longer pendant style works really well. Chokers or shorter styles can tend to over-accentuate a rounder face. A drop style also gives an illusion of length 

  • Oval face shape: Those with an oval-shaped face can take advantage of most chain lengths when choosing a necklace to highlight their best features. Chokers, short or long styles will work well. If you have an oval-shaped face, a boho style charm necklace looks elegant and stylish. 

  • Long-shaped faces: a shorter length with a rounder pendant design works beautifully on slightly longer faces. 



When choosing the right necklace, it’s important to remember that a person's gaze will fall exactly where your necklace ends. So it’s worth bearing that in mind. 


If you have a fuller figure shorter necklaces will keep attention on your collarbone as longer styles may not sit on your bust as you would like. A choker style may not be a good choice as it will not give an illusion of length and has the effect of ‘cutting your neck into two’. A perfect length is around 18” to 22”. 


Women with smaller busts can really rock the layered look, a classic gold chain or dropper style. 



Most necklaces sold by the finest jewellers in Dublin and anywhere else in the world offer them in a series of standard lengths that are measured in inches generally. 


It can either be a question of a specific type of neckline you are wearing or choosing a length for a necklace that needs to work well with a series of outfits. 


Read on to find out our handy guide as to the sizes of necklaces and how they fall on your body. 


  • 14″ Necklace: This is generally the smallest necklace length that will fit fairly tightly around your neck, more like a choker style 

  • 16″ Necklace: On ladies of petit sizing, a 16 “ necklace will sit loosely around the base of your neck, on your collarbone. On plus size women, this size may fit more like a choker type.

  • 18″ Necklace: This is one of the most popular sizes of necklace and lays gracefully on the collarbone with a loose fit.

  • 20″ Necklace: This is a longer length which will drop delicately below your collarbone 

  • 22″ Necklace: A 22” necklace will probably be the longest length of chain available for your necklace and generally will lay just at or above the top of the bust


“This is one of the most popular sizes of necklace and lays gracefully on the collarbone with a loose fit.”

Necklace Length Guide
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An adjustable necklace can be the perfect choice for a style you want to wear with different necklines or for everyday wear. They generally adjust to between 16 and 18 inches.


It’s a perfect choice if you are buying for a gift and haven’t got the exact neck measurement of the lucky recipient. 


Here at Gear Jewellers, we love our cubic zircona infinity necklace which is an ideal choice for everyday wear with its trending pendant style. Its restrained elegance will match a wealth of your favourite daytime outfits. It makes a gorgeous gift for a loved one or a perfect bridesmaid necklace. 


“a perfect choice if you are buying for a gift and haven’t got the exact neck measurement of the lucky recipient.”



So we hope we’ve given you lots of inspiration and some of the important things to consider when choosing a necklace.


Whichever necklace length or style is right for you or as a special gift, you will find a beautiful selection of luxury metals, classic pendants and trending styles such as our gorgeous boho style charm necklaces. 


Visit our online store or if you are in the Dublin area, take a trip to our elegant and exquisitely styled boutique flagship store in the heart of Dublin’s city centre.