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How to Hint That You Want to Get Engaged: 28 Favourite Ways

How to Hint That You Want to Get Engaged: 28 Favourite Ways

Are you in love and ready to take the next step, but not quite sure how to tell your partner?


Then it could be time for you to start dropping a few hints! It can be tricky bringing up something so life-changing as getting engaged without making it obvious.


So if you're looking for some subtle yet effective ways of hinting that you want to get engaged - look no further!


As engagement jewellery experts here at Gear Jewellers in Dublin, our latest helpful blog post will explain how exactly to share those feelings with your partner!


So let’s head straight in and discover more!

How to hint that you want to get engaged

When the time is right, letting your partner know you are ready to get engaged can be one of the most momentous and romantic experiences of your lifetime!


Whether you’re looking for ideas on how to hint that it might be time to take the next step or want help make sure your partner knows just how much they mean to you!


It is time to show your partner how much you care by expressing your love in ways that go beyond words.


Actions speak louder than words, after all! Give them thoughtful gifts, like a personalized necklace or piece of art that has special meaning to you both.


Of course, if you want to be a little less subtle, a pretty promise ring is also a perfect way to let them know you are ready to take your relationship to the next level!


Plant little reminders around their house, such as post-it notes that say “I love you” or a framed picture of the two of you together.


The most important way to make it obvious to your partner you are ready to take that important next step is to take time out of every day and make sure they feel valued and appreciated! 


Also, try expressing to them just how meaningful they are to you and how important it is that they become a part of your life forever.


You can make it clear that this is something you would love to share with them and see if they respond positively!

How to Hint That You Want To Get Engaged - 28 ways

So If you're feeling ready to take the next step, Here are 28 of the best ways to drop subtle hints that it's time to get engaged:

1. Pull out those old childhood photos

Reminisce over the years gone by and talk about how far you’ve come since then, signalling subtly that you’re ready to take the next big step in your relationship.

2. Talk about all the fun things you could do after getting engaged

Perhaps discuss planning a celebratory dinner or weekend trip with friends, or even just talk about what colours you would use for the wedding decorations.

3. Hint with text or clues

Leave subtle clues around the house or send them text messages with hints. This is probably not for the faint-hearted!

4. Drop hints about honeymoons

Start looking at honeymoon destinations. Look at dreamy places together and talk about which one might be better for a longer stay or a shorter trip.

5. Talk about friends who are engaged

Casually bring up conversations with your close friends and family members who have recently gotten engaged and use them as a comparison for where you stand in your relationship journey.

6. Discuss their wedding jewellery preferences

Ask them their thoughts on engagement rings and wedding bands.

7. Start talking about potential wedding dates

Ask questions like “Which month will have better weather for our outdoor ceremony?” and “Do we want to get married on a weekend or a weekday?”

8. Research wedding jewellery

Take a look at some ring-buying tips together to get an idea of what they like (or don't like).

9. Honeymoon hinting!

Talk about the places you'd love to go for your honeymoon or romantic getaway after getting married!

10. Level up your jewellery

Start wearing subtle jewellery that could pass as an engagement ring (like a diamond band or one designed like a promise ring.

11. Let them know you love a surprise!

Give hints that you'd love surprises, such as leaving hints about a secret Pinterest board where you've pinned potential rings.

12. Wedding planning discussion

Start talking about the wedding planning process. And all of the exciting things you can do together with your partner!

13. Hint of a special event

Buy two tickets to an event or concert that is months in advance so that your partner knows it's something special and not just another date night.

14. Let the subject drift to thoughts on marriage

Ask them if they believe in marriage, and why (or why not).

15. Comment on celebrity engagement

Share stories of proposal ideas from celebrities in the media spotlight. Send them Instagram reels or copy them into Facebook chats

16. The magic word ‘forever’

Make subtle references to “forever”, like saying “We should do something together forever.”

17. Let them know your ring preferences

Make some subtle hints about what kind of ring you would like - drop little clues like, “Oh, my friend just got an emerald-cut diamond ring and it was so pretty!”

18. Casual ring shopping

Even if it’s just trying on a few styles at a wedding jewellery store, this can easily hint to your partner that you want to get engaged without being too obvious!

19. Let them know how much you love them

Express how much you appreciate them for all the little things they do for you that make a difference in your life.

20. Silently demonstrate your ring finger!

Show off your ring finger to them without saying a word. Subtly move it closer towards them so they get the idea that you're expecting something soon!

21. Send them images of rings

Again, not for the faint-hearted! But show your partner pictures of beautiful diamond engagement rings that you like.


Make it clear that you’re just “window shopping” and not expecting them to get one right away, but it might give some ideas for when the time is right.

22. Drop hints about your future life together

Talk about how excited you are for the future and all the possibilities that await you two.

23. Shop for gifts or cards

Buy them a gift or card with an engagement message in it. But don't make it too obvious! Craft the message so that it doesn’t sound cliché.

24. Get romantic!

Cook their favourite meal, get dressed up, and turn on some romantic music to create a special atmosphere for your proposal.

25. Surprise them with a special trip

Take them on a surprise trip somewhere special like where you had your first date or where they were born. This could be the ideal place to propose!

26. Tell them how much they mean to you

Let them know that they’re “the one” in subtle ways throughout your conversations, such as saying “I can’t imagine my life without you.”

27. Casually mention marriage

Include subtle references to marriage in your conversations or jokes that could make them realize what you’re hinting at.

28. Discuss family wedding traditions

Ask questions about their family's engagement traditions - if they come from a certain culture, ask them how engagements are usually handled within the family so that you can plan accordingly if/when it happens!