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Personalised Jewellery from Gear Jewellers

Personalised Jewellery from Gear Jewellers



By Muireann Walshe

November 5th, 2020

Engraveable and personalised jewellery is becoming a very popular choice for gifts recently. 

At Gear Jewellers we offer a FREE engraving service on any of our engravable pieces of jewellery. The most popular being our baby bangles and bracelets. We engrave your piece of jewellery while you are in store so there is no waiting period, and whats even better is that it is a complimentary service, you pay nothing extra for the service. 

We have lots of 9ct gold pendants and ID bracelets to choose from that can be engraved. Our engraving machine is in store and ready to be put to use at any time! We have seen a rise in popularity of people having initials engraved on gold discs, it makes for a very personal and thoughtful gift and you can even engrave a special date on the back. 

Our Name Necklaces have always been a popular gift choice, especially for Christmas. We advise ordering them a few weeks in advance if you are shopping for Christmas gifts as we get so many orders this time of year there can be a long waiting list. The rest of the year we advise ordering your name necklace 1-2 weeks in advance. 

We make our name necklaces in 9ct. gold and sterling silver with strong chains, and you can choose the length of your name necklace chain at no extra cost. Name necklaces are very popular for birthday and Christmas gifts, and are the ultimate personalised piece of jewellery. 

At Gear Jewellers we are more than happy to help you find your perfect personalised gift. Contact our team if you need any assistance in find the perfect jewellery gift.