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Second Ear Piercing Pros and Cons, Image, Options and More

According to fashion gurus Elle Magazine, Second ear piercing has been a popular style among celebrities and trendsetters alike. So if you are looking at joining the ranks of Beyonce, Scarlett Johansson, Nicole Richie, Bella Hadid, AND Kylie Jenner then there are a few things to think about!

So join our earing and fine jewellery experts here at Gear Jewellers in Dublin, to find out the lowdown on getting a second piercing.

So before we get into the details let's get the mini takeaway first so you can more easily understand what the pros and cons are when getting a second ear piercing.

Second ear piercings can offer a cool and edgy look, or provide a balanced look to your image, they give you more options and they get noticed. But they can take longer to heal, they may close up quicker and can of course be painful.

So it depends, second ear piercing pros and cons vary depending on your lifestyle, personal style, and pain threshold.

Keep reading to see if a second ear piercing is for you!

Ok so let's start first by looking at some of the pros of adding an extra bit of sparkle or dangle to your ears!

Second ear piercing benefits

Adding an extra glimmer of a beautiful stylish boho stud, a gorgeous star-spangled crawler earring, or even a classic hooped style, there's no doubt that having more jewellery is always a good thing!

Multi-ear piercings have been having a fashion moment for a while now and it looks as if this unique way of displaying your style is here to stay!

For more great tips on multiple earrings and how to wear them like a pro, head over to our article on how to balance ear piercings and new ear piercing looks.

Second ear piercing pros and cons – PROS

Ok, so let's get straight into the pros of taking the plunge and having a second ear piercing.

1. Second ear piercings create a balanced look

If you feel like your face is unbalanced or one side looks heavier than the other, a second ear piercing can help. Think about it this way, if you have one big statement earring on one side and nothing on the other, it’s going to throw off the whole symmetry of your look.

But by having a second piercing such as a cartilage piercing or even a pair of pretty sparkly studs or cute Huggies earrings in both ears, you can create a sense of balance.

You can even play around with stud sizes on second piercings by wearing a larger hoop or stud at the base of your lobe, followed by a smaller stud to create a pretty balanced effect.

2. Second ear piercings look cool and edgy

There’s no denying that a second ear piercing looks pretty cool! It gives off an edgy, “I don’t follow the rules” kind of vibe that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Whether you rock a pair of hoops or go for something more unique like an ear cuff, a second ear piercing is sure to turn heads.

3. Second ear piercings give you more options

With two ear piercings, you have twice as many options when it comes to what kind of jewellery you can wear!

This means you can mix and match different earrings to create your style. And since there are endless possibilities when it comes to earrings, you’ll never get bored with your look.

You can mix and match, go for a coordinated look or just have fun experimenting with different styles. The choice is yours!

If you're bored with your current piercing or simply fancy a change, second ear piercings give you the perfect opportunity to start afresh. Why not try out a new style or metal?

4. Style goals

Second ear piercings can change your look. Whether you're looking for a subtle change or perhaps an uber-stylish cartilage piercing, adding a second set of earrings can transform your style!  

With two sets of earrings, you can express your individuality! 

Why not experiment with different metals, and styles and even wear two pairs at once for a truly unique look? The options are endless!

Why not go for a classic stud in one ear and a funky hoop in the other? Or mix and match your metals for an edgy twist? 

Second ear piercings are a great way to show off your personality.

5. Get noticed!

Second ear piercings can allow you to express your creative side with unique jewellery:  think glamorous drop earrings, hoops, or even Cartilage piercings.

Adding an extra pair of earrings can be a  great way to add some personality to your look!

If you're looking for a conversation starter, try getting a second ear piercing! 

People are bound to notice (and even compliment) your new jewellery when you're out and about.

Second ear piercing pros and cons – CONS

Ok so are there any cons to getting a stylish 2nd piercing? 

Read on to discover more.

1. Second ear piercings can be painful

While earlobe piercings are generally not particularly painful, a second piercing in the cartilage can be quite sore.

The pain is caused by the needle passing through tougher tissue, so if you have a low pain threshold, it's probably something you might like to consider.

2. Second ear piercings can take longer to heal

Since cartilage takes longer to heal than soft tissue, it could take longer for your second piercing to fully recover. If you are not getting a second piercing in your lobe. 

This means more time spent cleaning and caring for your new piercing, which can be a hassle if you’re not used to it.

3. Second ear piercings can get infected

Although there is always a risk of infection with any piercing, second-ear piercings, especially in the cartilage areas can sometimes become more infected than first-ear piercings, according to health experts.

This is because the cartilage is harder for the body to heal and fight off infection according to health experts.

4. Second ear piercings can be more difficult to care for

As we've just mentioned second ear piercings are more likely to get infected, and they can be more difficult to care for that reason.

You will need to clean your piercing more often and be more careful about exposing it to bacteria.

5. Second ear piercings may close up quicker than first ear piercings

If you decide to remove your second ear piercing for any reason, it may close up quicker than your first ear piercing.

Especially if the second one is a cartilage piercing. which does not heal as quickly as a second piercing on your earlobe as we’ve discovered. 

Earlobe piercings take the shortest time to heal, usually 1-2 months. Whereas, cartilage piercings can take up to twelve months to fully recover.

6. you may need to wait a few months before getting a second cartilage ear piercing

If you are considering getting a second ear piercing, through cartilage rather than your ear lobe, you may need to wait a few months. This is again because the cartilage takes longer to heal than the skin.

With the healing process taking anywhere between 6 weeks to 12 months as we mentioned earlier, then you might need to wait before getting your second piercing. However, if you're looking at a second lobe piercing, you will be ok to wait only a few months.

Second ear piercing pros and cons – Wrapping up

Ultimately, the decision to get a second ear piercing is a personal one. Consider your pain tolerance, healing time, and aftercare needs before making your final decision.

If you do decide to go ahead with it, be sure to visit a reputable piercer and follow their aftercare instructions to avoid any complications.

Getting a second ear piercing can add a touch of edge or sophistication to your look, So whichever is your style, head over to our store and discover our huge range of cartilage piercings, gold Huggies, hoops, and boho-style and sparkly studs in 9ct gold and silver.