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Custom Engagement Rings

Book a consultation in person. Our team of diamond experts will provide in-depth diamond education and work with you to create the engagement ring of your dreams.

A Legacy of Craftsmanship

Custom Rings with Jeff Gear

A second-generation jeweller with over 30 years of experience, Jeff specializes in custom engagement rings. He'll work with you to design a piece that's as unique and timeless as your commitment.

Custom Engagement Ring FAQs

What is a custom engagement ring?

It's a ring designed and made just for you. Instead of choosing from a limited selection, you have the freedom to create something that perfectly matches your style and budget. Choose your dream gemstone, the ideal metal, and a design that feels totally you.

Why choose Gear Jewellers?

We're passionate about creating beautiful, ethically sourced engagement rings that reflect your unique style.

Our skilled jewellers combine expert craftsmanship with a deep understanding of gemstones, ensuring each custom ring is made to the highest standards.

From personalised design consultations to our commitment to quality, we'll guide you through every step to make your dream ring a reality. Choosing an engagement ring should be special, and we're dedicated to making it a truly memorable experience.

How much does a custom engagement ring cost?

Custom engagement ring designs begin at just shy of €2,500. The final cost will depend on the choices you make – the center stone (type, size, and quality), your chosen metal, and the overall design complexity. We believe in transparent pricing and are committed to working with you to create a stunning ring that fits your style and budget.

During your consultation, we'll provide a clear cost breakdown before you commit. For detailed visualizations, we offer CAD drawings for €300, deductible from your final purchase if you proceed with us.

How long does it take to get a custom engagement ring?

The production process itself takes about 5-7 weeks. However, designing your ring and sourcing the perfect gemstones can add time to the process. We recommend starting several months in advance to ensure your ring is ready for your special occasion. This allows us to give your ring the attention it deserves and find the ideal elements to bring your vision to life.

Can I design my own engagement ring?

Yes, absolutely! We understand that designing your own ring might seem daunting, but that's why we're here to help. Whether you have a clear picture in mind, or just a few ideas, we'll work with you to create a piece that's unique to you. Share your inspiration and we'll guide you through the design process.

Can I see a mock-up of my custom engagement ring before it's made?

Yes! We provide detailed CAD (Computer-Aided Design) drawings as part of our custom design process. Think of it as a realistic 3D preview of your ring. We'll work with you to make any adjustments to the CAD model until you're completely happy with the design. The CAD drawing fee is €300, which is deductible from the cost of your ring if you decide to proceed.

What are popular custom ring designs?

While custom designs are all about uniqueness, it's true that many clients draw inspiration from existing styles and design elements. We love combining your favorite features to create a ring that's truly your own! Here's how it often works:

  • Mix and Match: Perhaps you adore the sparkle of a halo setting but prefer the clean lines of a solitaire band. We can make it happen!
  • Vintage Inspiration: Inspired by a ring from a specific era or your grandmother's jewellery box? We'll help you adapt those elements into a modern, wearable design.
  • Customisation is Key: From subtle details like a knife-edge band to bold choices like two-tone metals, the possibilities are endless.
  • Expert Guidance: Our diamond and design experts are here to ensure your vision is not only beautiful but structurally sound. We'll work with you to make sure your dream design translates perfectly into a ring built to last.

How do I choose a jeweller for my custom engagement ring?

Consider both expertise and practical aspects when choosing a jeweller. Look for someone who truly listens to your ideas, offers creative suggestions, and is transparent about both pricing and timelines. Recommendations from friends and family or positive online reviews are great starting points.

When you meet with potential jewellers, trust your instincts – you should feel comfortable, confident in their expertise, and certain that they prioritize your unique vision above all else.

Can I use heirloom stones in a custom engagement ring?

Absolutely! Heirloom stones bring a special meaning to your engagement ring. We'll work with you to determine the best way to feature your stones, whether it's resetting them in a new ring, using them as accent gems, or even melting them down to create a unique new design.

Can I make changes to my custom engagement ring design after it's been started?

We dedicate significant time to the design process to ensure your custom ring is exactly what you envision.

Once you approve the final CAD design, we cannot accommodate further changes. We'll work closely with you during the design stage to ensure you love every detail before we start crafting your ring.