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Frequently Asked Questions

Caring for Your Ring

Our ultra-sonic cleaner is always on and ready to clean your ring whenever you call into see us. Your diamonds will always sparkle as much as the day you got them, once they are kept clean. 

We want you to enjoy the beautiful sparkle of your ring for a lifetime. Come into us at least once a year (or as often as you like) to have your ring professionally cleaned.

When we clean your ring we will check the setting to make sure everything is ok. If we feel a stone has become loose or you could benefit from a professional polish and plating we will advise you. You will have peace of mind that we have your best interests at heart.

We offer a free sizing service. Our experts will measure your finger in store with great precision; once we have your size our goldsmith can adjust the ring accordingly.

Your hands do a lot of work over the course of a day, so much so that you would hardly realise. Try to be mindful of any knocks or bangs your ring might sustain throughout the day to minimise any damage that could potentially happen.

Do not wear your ring in the gym, or doing any heavy lifting as this could distort the shape of your ring. Keep your ring in a safe place and take it off when doing any strenuous activities with your hands. 

We can provide a professional rhodium plating and polishing service. Our skilled polisher removes any marks, scratches and scuffs that build up over time bringing it up to a highly polished finished. He will then electro-plate the precious white metal rhodium over your white gold or platinum mount that will give it the bright white shine that your ring had the day you bought it. We recommend that you avail of this service every two to three years.

We advise that you have your diamond ring checked every year. Every 10 years we advise claws to be re-tipped with extra metal as the metal can wear down over time.


Sometimes a small diamond may become dislodged in a ring; we are always here to look after you so don’t panic! Some  diamond ring designs have many small diamonds, all set by hand under a microscope, the workmanship of all of our pieces is superb, however sometimes with these designs a small diamond may come out, your warranty will cover its replacement.

If we find some damage to the ring and this is the reason a small diamond has come out due to a bang sustained, a small charge may apply to cover the restoration of the piece. 

We do not offer insurance. With every ring purchased with us we give a jewellery appraisal that you can use to insure your ring through home & contents insurance. 

Come into us as soon as you can. Our Diamond Setter will tighten the claws around the diamond.

Small scratches will occur as soon as you start wearing your ring, this is normal. You can restore your ring to how it looked the day you got it by having it professionally polished and plated. Come into us every two to three years for this service.

Your diamond will only go dull if any dirt, makeup or hand creams etc. get into your ring. This can be cleaned however. Your diamonds will always sparkle once they are kept clean. Come into us anytime to avail of our free cleaning service!