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When to give a promise ring and what is a promise ring? - Gear Jewellers Dublin

When to Give a Promise Ring: Timing, Reasons, and What to Say

With over 2.5 million weddings taking place during 2022 in the US alone, the highest number since 1984 according to recent reports, it's not surprising that many couples are taking steps to demonstrate their commitment. 

Showing your love and devotion to one another can come in many forms.  It could be something as simple as cooking their favourite meal or a romantic getaway. For those who want to take their relationship to the next level, giving a promise ring is a thoughtful gesture that will let your partner know how serious you are about them. But when should you give one?

Join our fine jewellery experts in Dublin here at Gear Jewellers to find out the definitive answer. Our helpful article will also explore what a promise ring is and where you should wear it and also what you say when you give a promise ring.

So let's start with a brief answer first.

The most popular time to give a promise ring is either before or after getting engaged. It can be seen as a way of declaring your intentions to marry and shows how committed you are to each other. It can also be given afterwards as part of the engagement process or even as a first-anniversary gift. 

So with the short answer in mind, you can understand a little more easily WHEN you should give a promise ring, let's find out what a promise ring is. 

What is a promise ring?   

A promise ring is a ring that is given as a symbol of love or friendship. It can be worn on any finger, but most people wear it on the ring finger of their left hand. 

Promise rings are often given before engagement rings, but they can also be given after. A promise ring is sometimes also called a proposal ring. This means that the ring symbolizes an intention to marry in the future. It is usually given as a gift to show that you are serious about your relationship. 

The rings are often worn on the fourth finger of the left hand in a similar way to an engagement ring. These types of rings can also be given as friendship rings. This is when two people who are not romantically involved exchange rings as a sign of their strong friendship.

In general,  promise rings are less expensive than engagement rings because they are not as formal.  However, this does not mean that promise rings cannot be just as beautiful. There are many different designs, but many look like traditional engagement rings with solitaire diamonds and a single band.  

When should I give a promise ring? 

There is no set rule for when to give a promise ring, but it is generally accepted that they are given after a significant amount of time has passed in the relationship.

This could be six months, a year, or even longer. It all depends on the couple and their circumstances.

Of course, as we've found out, there is no one answer to the question of when to give a promise ring. It all comes down to what is right for you and your relationship.

A picture of a woman wearing a promise ring - Gear Jewellers
Here are our top ten reasons for giving a promise ring:

1. To show your commitment to a relationship

2. As a symbol of friendship or sisterhood

3. To signify your intention to marry someday

4. To set an intention for yourself to reach a goal or milestone

5. To celebrate an anniversary or special day in your relationship

6. Simply because you love and appreciate someone very much!

7. As a placeholder which allows your partner to choose an engagement ring of her choice

8. When you are in a long-distance relationship and want to show your dedication

9. When you have been dating for a while and want to take the next step

10. As a special gift that is unique and meaningful.

No matter your reason for giving a promise ring, the sentiment behind it will surely shine through. So go ahead and make that special someone feels loved and appreciated with this beautiful gesture. So now you know when to give a promise ring, you might be wondering how they are worn. Read on to discover more.

Which finger should I wear a promise ring on?  


When it comes to deciding which finger to wear a promise ring on, there are a few different options. The most popular choice is to wear it on the ring finger of the left hand. This is because, in many cultures, the left hand is seen as being representative of the heart.

However,  some people prefer to wear their promise rings on the middle finger of their left hand. You could also wear a promise ring on your right hand, or even on a necklace as a pendant. It is up to you!

However you wear it, a promise ring is a symbol of your commitment to each other and is a beautiful way to show that you are serious about a romantic or platonic relationship.

Promise rings vs engagement rings 

While both promise rings and engagement rings symbolize a commitment to each other, there are some key differences between the two. Promise rings can be worn as a symbol of friendship, chastity, or loyalty.

Engagement rings, on the other hand, are typically only given once an official proposal has been made. An engagement ring, such as a beautiful dazzling solitaire, is typically given when two people are planning to get married, whereas a promise ring can be given for any type of commitment. 

Engagement rings are also generally more expensive than promise rings. In the UK, the average cost of an engagement ring usually costs around €1300, whereas a promise ring is usually considerably less from around €50 to €100. To find out more about how much to spend on an engagement ring head over to find out more in our other helpful article. How Much to Spend On An Engagement Ring.

Another key difference between a promise and an engagement ring is the finger it is worn on. In the Western world, engagement rings are always worn on the fourth finger of the left hand – this is because it was once believed that the vein in this finger led directly to the heart! Promise rings can be worn on any finger, although most people prefer to wear them on the ring finger of their right hand.

“Engagement rings, on the other hand, are typically only given once an official proposal has been made”

What do you say when you give a promise ring? 

So, what do you say when you give a promise ring?  

This is entirely up to you, but it is always nice to include a personal message explaining why you have chosen to give the ring.

For example, you could say something like “I promise to always be there for you” or “I promise to love you forever”. Whatever you say, make sure that it comes from the heart!

A man wearing a promise ring on his woman

Here's our takeaway list of some of the best things to say when giving a promise ring:

  • "I promise to always be faithful to you."

  • "I promise never to.....”

  • "I promise to always be there for you, no matter what."

  • "This ring is a symbol of my love and commitment to you."

  • "I promise to never give up on us."

  • "I promise to always love and cherish you."

  • "I promise to be true to you, forever.”

When to give a promise ring – To sum up... 

When you want to show your commitment to each other, a promise ring is a perfect way to do it! It shows that you are serious about your relationship.

And if you're looking for something to show loyalty and love to a family member or lifelong friend more, a promise ring can be a beautiful way to do that too.

Promise rings can have many different meanings and purposes - it's really up to you what the ring stands for and when you give one, but whatever the reason, giving or receiving a promise ring is always a special moment. Head over to our store to discover the perfect promise ring for your loved one.

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