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Why buy your Engagement Ring from Gear Jewellers?

Why buy your Engagement Ring from Gear Jewellers?


Gear Jewellers 


-By Jeff Gear

October 16th,2020

Free Consultation

Make an appointment with one of our Diamond Specialists. We can help find the perfect ring for your style and budget. This is an exciting time for you, and we want to provide you with the best customer service possible. Avoid disappointment by booking an appointment for your preferred day and time. We take deposits, offer payment plans and finance and can even arrange an online consultation in these uncertain times.

Our Ring Collection

We have over 600 different ring styles in the store. We select the most beautiful rings from some of the worlds leading jewellery design teams. We also have exclusive in house designs. Our collection of diamond rings include engagement, wedding, eternity, and anniversary rings with real natural diamonds and the most stunning gemstones.

Designed to Perfection

Our engagement rings are hand-picked by us from jewellery designers who are breaking the mould in the jewellery world with their insightful forward-thinking creations. 

Our in-house experts have various jewellery backgrounds including Jewellery Design B.Des, Diamond Grading, Jewellery Professional Diploma P.J.Dip and a Masters Degree in Design MA. Allowing us to put together a collection of the most up to date and classic trends when it comes to engagement rings. We think about the details you would never have known possible!

our quality guarantee

All of our diamonds are ethically sourced from Canada, London and Antwerp. Our diamonds are conflict-free in accordance with the Kimberly Process of Certification. All of the diamonds we sell must meet a very high level of quality. So we select them all individually to guarantee exceptional quality. Our diamonds are real and natural with certifications from world-renowned laboratories such as GIA, MLD, IGI, HRD.

Not Just a Ring

We understand that your new purchase is not just a ring; this is one of the most sentimental purchases you will ever make. That's why our service to you doesn't end when you have bought your ring. We look forward to being your jewellers for years to come. 

Along with your luxurious packaging, your new ring will come with a Valuation Report and information on how to look after your ring. We provide a lifetime cleaning guarantee, whereby you will have your ring assessed for wear and tear and cleaned to perfection at any time by our professional jewellers, as often as you like!

We also offer a free ring sizing service, and we can make our rings to fit any finger size.