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7 Rules for Wearing Jewellery, What to Wear, When, and How


Wearing jewellery can help to coordinate your style and bring a look together. It can also be a symbol of love, friendship and a promise for eternity. 

However, It can sometimes be a challenge to know the rules for wearing jewellery. For instance, should you mix metals? How many rings should a man wear? Should you buy a gold or platinum wedding ring? and other rules you might be considering before buying quality jewellery in Ireland. 

Join our fine jewellery experts here in Dublin to discover more about the rules for wearing jewellery. Let’s go for the short answer first, before we head off into more detail.

Never do the dishes, swim, exercise, or go to the beach in jewellery. Apply lotions before putting on jewellery, Think about proportions, keep it minimal, go for a mismatched look, don’t be afraid to mix metals, and wear the right jewellery to match the occasion.

Ok so with the mini takeaway in place, let’s head straight into our 7 rules for wearing jewellery and start with some care rules. 

Top Care Rules For Jewellery in 2022

Often buying jewellery can be an investment. Whether it’s a breathtaking diamond engagement ring or a stunning platinum wedding band, there are some important care rules for wearing jewellery.

Here are the best five care rules from our Dublin fine jewellery experts.

1. When wearing jewellery – Never swim

Sea water and harsh chemicals in public swimming pools can be an accident waiting to happen for your jewellery collection. Chlorine and salt can cause corrosion and damage to diamond engagement rings, wedding rings and other types of fine jewellery. 

The cooler water in lakes, pools, or the ocean may also cause your fingers to shrink slightly, which may mean that your precious jewellery may slip off and be lost. You may even find that if an earring back has worn itself loose in the pool, you may be upset to discover that one of your favourite gold earrings is lost forever in the sea! 

One of the top rules for wearing jewellery is to leave investment pieces and those with sentimental value at home in a safe place. 

2. Apply lotions before putting on jewellery

Hairspray and many other of your daily lotions, such as moisturiser, can wreak havoc with your cherished diamond engagement ring, wedding rings and other delicate jewellery. 

Always make sure you apply your creams in your morning self-care rituals before putting on your jewellery. Hairspray can cause a build-up over time, making gems and other jewellery dull and damaging fragile pieces.

3. Leave jewellery in a safe place when you exercise

Sweat from your daily workout is unsuitable for rings, bracelets, necklaces or any type of fine jewellery. You also risk them becoming broken entirely, cracks appearing or losing precious stones. 

So with the important care rules for wearing jewellery covered, let’s move on to some sartorial tips for wearing jewellery with style. Remember, style is always a question of taste and rules are made to be broken! 

4. Think about proportion

Getting proportion right makes number 4 on our list of rules for wearing jewellery. There are many ways to wear jewellery, and there are many ways of wearing jewellery to add a touch of glamour or a more contemporary style. Selecting one statement piece is a good starting ping and then add some smaller pieces such as studs or a plain chain. 

Layering is a look that needs careful attention to proportion. For instance, chain length is crucial when layering up necklaces to ensure they lie neatly and don’t simply sit in a tangle. Likewise, stacking rings need to fit snugly together, and also think about maybe one oversized bangle to make a statement.

5. Go for a mismatched look 

Matching jewellery is a classic and traditional look, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add an edge to your look by mismatching metals, gem colours and even styles. Textures and materials can complement each other. 

Traditionally gold and silver were never mixed, but many of today's contemporary wedding rings, bracelets and earrings are available two-toned to complement the wearing of either metal. This ring is an excellent way of linking up the metals in your jewellery. Mismatched jewellery can let your personality shine and is perfect for mixing and matching different outfits.

6. Less is usually more

Number 6 in our rules for wearing jewellery is how to add a touch of class to your refined jewellery style by keeping things minimal. In general, there can be too much of a good thing, so wearing too much jewellery may distract rather than focus the eye. 

Jewellery is designed to complement an outfit, adding that finishing touch to your overall look. But, of course, as we said previously, rules are made to be broken! So it could be that you prefer a look that shows off more of your collection, but that’s just fine. Focusing on one or two pieces, such as a gorgeous diamond platinum engagement ring and maybe a delicate necklace, gives each piece room to shine and breathe. 

So if you decide the stackable ring look is for you, then maybe hold back on bracelets, or if you have statement earrings, keep your neck area free. Or, for a bold look, choose the statement piece and build a few jewellery items around it for a more show-stopping look.

7. Consider the occasion 

The last in our 7 rules for wearing jewellery is to make sure you keep the occasion in mind. For instance, you perhaps wouldn’t want to wear any fine investment jewellery if you were digging your garden or cleaning the car. You probably also wouldn't think about buying a wedding ring to propose with! So although some rules are made to be broken, choosing your jewellery to match the occasion is essential. 

If you are in the office, holding back your statement pieces to wear on a night out with friends may be an idea. 
Similarly, save your heirloom and other diamond jewellery for more formal occasions. However, sporting your beautiful engagement ring can be worn in many circumstances and shouldn’t be ‘saved for the best.’ Who doesn’t want to show off an exquisite diamond engagement ring to their friends in the office? 

Minimal everyday jewellery can be worn on almost any occasion. Layering them up, stacking rings and adding statement pieces suit a night out with friends. One way to make sure you have jewellery for all occasions is to create a capsule collection with a few minimal pieces, a statement piece and some beautiful diamond jewellery for when you want to dazzle.

Wrapping Up...

So we hope that’s given you lots of inspiration and some of our best rules when wearing jewellery. Remember, it’s a question of personal taste style-wise, but keeping to a care regime with your jewellery will mean it will glitter and shine for a lifetime. 

Beautiful jewellery in Dublin and elsewhere in Ireland deserves to be cared for – in the best way you can. And with a few jewellery rules in place, you can ensure your collection will bring pleasure for many years. 

Don’t forget to head to our store before you go and browse our extensive selection of beautiful diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more.