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Our Top 10 Solitaire Rings!

Our Top 10 Solitaire Rings!

Our top 10 solitaire rings!

Gear Jewellers present the Finest Collection of Solitaire Engagement Rings as Unique And Stunning As Your Love. We want to share with you the best-selling solitaire rings from our collection over the years. All these rings are GIA laboratory certified, so that you can shop with peace of mind. Discover your perfect engagement ring with Gear Jewellers. 

1. Archer Engagement ring

Platinum engagement ring in a compass setting. The compass setting compliments the size of the diamond. The shoulders are left plain to leave all the attention on the beautiful round brilliant cut diamond. 

This ring is GIA Certified.

2. chester Engagement Ring

6 Claw setting finished in 18ct gold. Grade D colourless diamond with a round brilliant cut supported by 6 white gold claws. The centre diamond's cut, polish and symmetry are excellent, making it a Triple X diamond.
This ring is GIA Certified.

3. spencer Engagement ring 

This solitaire engagement ring features a corner setting to accentuate the princess cut diamond. The diamond shoulders are set in a castille setting for the maximum sparkle of each diamond.

This ring is GIA Certified. 

4. frankie Engagement ring 

6 claw setting finished in 18ct white gold. The centre diamond has been awarded a Grade F for its colour, meaning it's a colourless diamond. The round diamond is considered by diamond experts to a be a superior cut with 58 facets.

This ring is GIA certified. 

5. libby Engagement ring

Compass setting solitaire diamond engagement ring finished in 18ct white gold. The castille setting on the shoulders slightly tapers towards the head of the ring to amplify the size of the centre diamond. 
The centre diamond is colourless with a Grade E colour awarded by the GIA laboratory.

This ring is GIA certified.

6. ella engagement ring 

A beautiful delicate twist with more modern compass setting and gradual castille halfway down the shoulders. A truly elegant design that must be tried on to be truly appreciated. 

This ring is GIA certified.

7. noah Engagement Ring

Classic 4 claw solitaire. A breathtaking colourless Grade D diamond in the centre and a castille shoulder setting with round brilliant cut diamonds. 

This beautiful solitaire ring is finished in 18ct gold with a 1ct diamond in the centre.

This ring is GIA Certified.

8. stanford Engagement Ring

A stunning 0.50ct pear cut centre diamond embraced by 3 claws, amplifying the superb cut of the ring. The shoulders of this ring have brilliant round cut diamonds providing the maximum sparkle. Finished in platinum with a Grade E colour, this ring will capture the hearts of the looker. 

This ring is GIA certified.

9. vicky eNGAGEMENT rING

White gold diamond engagement ring finished in 18ct white gold with a brilliant round cut diamond sitting on a 4 claw setting. Dazzling round cut diamonds in the handcrafted shoulders make this beautiful ring very captivating.

The centre diamond is colourless with a Grade F colour and carat weight of 0.60ct.


This ring is GIA certified.

10. delvin eNGAGEMENT RING

Graceful and intricate,  this solitaire diamond ring is finished in 18ct gold with a timeless 0.65ct F colour, SI1 clarity oval cut diamond. With four claws holding the stunning diamond on plain shoulders, this ring is bound to attract attention from a distance.

This ring is GIA certified. 

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